FB Banned President Trump& icon Robert Kennedy Jr!

FB banned President Trump& icon Robert Kennedy Jr!
Can FB explain to the world, why without finding of guilt, FB& other social media have banned President Trump while he was in office& why FB follows the pattern of banning people for their peaceful free speech?
Robert Kennedy Jr, whose relative was irreversibly damaged neurologically by vaccine, expressed his disagreement in herding people to be sarsCovid2 vaccinated, bc presently there is no scientific vaccine to protect us 100% from mutated pandemics, a true fact!
When these emminence people are banned prior to any trial& without a guilty finding& without any due process given to them, what awaits ordinary people like you or me?
Had owner of Instagram, FB opted to give them timely substantive and procedural due process and find Trump& Robert Kennedy Jr guilty as charged, FB would have gained respect, but by denying their constitutional rights, FB is loosing the battle for the hearts and minds of a significant percent of Humanity and pushing countries to have their own national social media bc the FB likes, are untrustworthy and deniers of reciprocity.
What do you say?
The ball is in FB's court, can FB legally and with legal precedence cases attached to their explanation, informs us their answer?

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