FB, Twitter&Google are taking away our free Speech rights!

FB, Twitter&Google are taking away our free Speech rights!
Part 1

# BlackRock global corporatist gov is advised FaceBook,Twitter& Google to collude with govs to clamp down on People's free Speech & the remainder of our constitutional rights by these 3 social media actors of Supranational State power beyond borders.
For evidence see below Deutche Welle newsclips or read them at Deutsche Welle)
As you can see since Jan6th2021, corporatists& Govs are upping the Ante for them to materialize their master plan& for their master race of money men: Big Brother!
Big Brother is a  De-facto Gov with 3 Defacto Kings(and not a State acting under the constitution): King ExecutiveGov, king JudicialGov, KingLegislativeGov.
Of this 3, the biggest & strongest is the KingExecutiveGov/ Antichrist, followed by the Beasts!
And the antichrist imposes its marks/ CovidVaccines.
Please remember the abobe is forecoming!

Presently each person needs to decide:
1) if they like to continue being opressed under colluding and retaliating corporatists-Govs
2) if you want to preserve your constitutional rights to question corporatists-Govs collusion and inconstitutional retaliation, join peaceful Civil Disobedience till Corporatists-Govs stop and agree not to take away our freedom& constitutional rights!
(Will follow part2)

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