FB vs The People of the Earth!

  FB Vs the People of the Earth!

FB, the supranational global social media is an incorregible Samson, who has a pattern of abuse record, globally!
When it pleases FB and is for its own monipolistic interest perpetuation, if you get in their way as obnoxious apprentice TrumpDaTramp is, without a hearing, w/o evidence, Samson FB will revoke your FB pg and violate your free speech and constittutional rights.
In absence of apprentice Trump in FB, i gather FB is not letting him come back to express and exercise his constitutional rights.

I, an ordinary citizen& retired faculty member, w/o any hearing& w/o any due process was wrongfully suspended repeatedly and FB staff hid and refused to answet and disclose their alleged evidence and never did but kept repeatedly suspending me.
Tired of their abuse, began to write to congress, EU and other govs, etc and eventually FB began to back off from their abuse pattern against me.
Their pattern of abuse showed me FB had secret arrangement with president Evo Morales, President Jeanine Anez, President LuisArce, so whenever i questioned those auth oi ritarizn govs actions of abuse, swiftly FB was suspending me.
I learned how FB colludes with those named presidents, same as it colluded with the chibesse authoritarian regime against Tianamen democracy peaceful& unarmed protestors and FB colluded by disclosing their names and then the chinesse troops assassinated them and then washed out the innocent Democracy defenders& victims, so people wouldn't know nor remeber those crines against humanity!
We peaceful and unarmed climate defenders with endless waves of protestors overtime, we flipped over one after another, of those forest arsonists, latifundio violators of human rights& of Mother Earth's rights, got rid of! And now we are working on Luis Arce and before 980 days and plausibly sooner, he will be flipped over
so at this part of America, FB is loosing along with Luis Arce.

There are many social movements who are working to flip over these gas genociders of Humanity, these biociders, these ecociders.
Plants and animals need our voicing and helping them to survive but simbiotically we need them more than they need us, bc there can't be a humanity without natural flora& fauna, bc we die of famine. Hence when species of marine, terrestrial plants and aninaks go extinct, we are the next on line to go extinct!

Right now the Australian
Gov is compelled FB to pay taxes and is trying to curve FB, google, etc.
EU is compelled FB to negotiate and discuss tax & trying to curve the out of control FB.
All countries and humanity have to continue arm wrestling with these evil monopilies and olygopoly global actors pf state power, and them we got the tbreat of FB pushing for their own criptocurrency, which is a rip off as are other unaccounted criptocurrency actors.
The natural enemy of humanity are global actors as FB...with its parent BlackRock, so beware of them
Humanity has the right to defend its life and must be done wisely!


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