FB wants to Lord over Humanity under Black Rock Global Management!

FB wants to Lord over Humanity under BlackRock Global Management!

Extorsionist FB is not only banned Australians but is flagrantly violated Australians Free speech constitutional rights!
Humanity and natikbs of the world, wake up!
FB is a supranational economic extorsionist who alleges FB has a working relationship with news generatting agencies& that the Australian gov must butt off.

As we forewarned you for 3 years now, these global platforms like FB, are supranational State Actors who arecartogstingbthemselves illegitimatelly, suprnational state powers to silence nationa who ask them to be accountabke for their inconstitutional violations
FB is saying, either you govs, continue to play deaf, blind and stupid ok r if you wuestuon our 80% proffits we make as okatform gate keepers, or we will silence your country, your whole citizens and gagged your constotutional rights, specially your freedom of speech.

Follow the Australian gov fight with FB, and make your own national platform in lieu of FB or you will find yourself cornered in a blind alley, to let FB take 80% out of each dollar or FB will silence, blind your knows and lock you out of your own nation's free speech rights and economically & politicalky ens li a ed you as a medieval monopolistic  land owner, in your own country. In other words FB can silence and make a destitute, helpless serf.
If govs tax and rule against these gatekeepers, you are on your way to free yourself, but if you let thrse FB like economic& political extorstionists rule on you, not only loose your free speech but your everything bc FB and others collude, retaliate& profit among their tiny elite headed by Bkack Rock global management Gov and perpetuate as your dark medieval ages dictatorial landlord- gatekeepers

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