Luis Arce Genocider ByPandemic will resign before 995 days are over!

Luis Arce Genocider by Pandemic will resign before 995 days are over!
On the 14th year of unjust exile Dr Felipe Campos pointed out Evo was becoming a perpetual Dictator under a fake mask of liberator and turning his rejection to having lost 21F referendum, boldly evo lied saying per the San Jose Agreement, his HR was more important than the constitutional rights of 12 million indigenous Bolivians! And then up the ante with his colluding Latifundists cattle men and cruelly live-burned billions of innocent helpless animals& forests and purchased votes by handing away through INRA 10 million HAS of burn forest for latifundioVotes but Mallku Felipe Campos a Pachamama protector and exilee, along with others flipped ugly fatsoEvo over with massive and long protests In the streets to put an indigenous cabinet in power! But the CIA overflooded with millions of dollars and with a coupstole the revolution and imposed Anez in exchange of letting his contractee Evo flee and fly to mexico!
Anez was another AntiIndigenous Dictator mascarading a liberator but she burnt 10 million Hectares in exchange to be elected president but MallkuFelipe Campos and countless oppositors cornered her for being forests arsonist, corrupt genocider and had her dropped from the elections!
The least of evils had to become the president and that was Arce. Mallku FelipeCampos trusted LuisArce to become president in exchange of an all indian cabinet! And we campaigned hard to make Arce and an indian cabinete a reality, bc we indigenous are the vast majority of Bolivia and defeated contractor MesaGisbert& Camacho!
Camacho Theocrat tried to incite repeatedly, another coup but then we got surprised! Unofficially heard CIA had cut a secret deal with his civil contractor Arce!
We asked if Arce was double dealing (us) the indigenous vast majority and asked if he would live up to us. Arce swore many times he would honor his word to have an all indigenous cabinet/100%, and repatriate unjust exiled Felipe Campos!
Trusting Arce's word one last time, we let Arce Swore to become the president with our vast indigenous votes.
Arce Swore and we called him to repatriate MallkuFelipeCampos, so he could vett indigenous candidates before they are nominated to the cabinet, bc we indigenous had won the elections and this was our cabinet agreed before the october 2020's election.
Arce asked for a week!
The week was not over when again Arce back stabbing us, reneguing is own promises, appointed an all white right wing politicians as ministers of our cabinet
We called him and he replied through his khara ministers, " "Give you culture indian minister" 
"NO, were not begfars nor dogs. All or nothing"
Then we asked where is his birth certificate, ID card and passport and when would they fly him from USA to Bolivia, MallkuFelipeCampos
"Never.Good bye" they hang the phone.
This is how CIA contractor Arce double dealt us and back stabbed us repeatedly! Except token CulureMinistry, Arce backStabbed us and imposed a white monopolizing LatifundioJudasCabinet and by making disappear his birth certificate, kept him exiled without any due process& unconstitutionally!
Worst Arce is burning our forests and condemning bolivians to permanent drought! And worst, on December5th 2020, Arce refused to cuarentine Bolivia and with unsafe& ineficient vaccines& with multiple mutating pandemic viruses, he is multiplied from December5th 2020 to the present, with a quarter million pandemic infections and over 40K pandemic genocided victims, which Arce has caused by rejecting since Dec5th. 2020 the cuarentine.
These are desperate times when Arce a pandemic oil pusher and GDP growth and profiteer at any cost, has made Bolivia a country with genocided pandemia victims thrown on the streets, backAlleys and funeral houses where Arce's victims are thrown out in the middle of garbage
and without identifications, to avoid being indicted for crimes against Humanity!
We are indigenous masistas disheatened bc #kharajudasLuchoArceIsBetrayedUs& is genociding Indigenous by continuing to refuse Cuarentine&ImposingRussianVaccines that don't protect us but kill us in post vaccination.
None of these vaccines protect nor stip the vaccinated from transmiting infections. Vaccinated people have died and the ones who survived vaccination are reinfected with mutated psndemics and are asyntomatic and infecting others.
Arce painted himself as liberator but he is genociding us by refusing Bolivian cuarentine & by vaccines that genocide us and the infectiobs of the secons wave of Pandemics are colapsing bolivian sanitary system and arce keeps lying and fudging statistics by showing small percent of infections& dead.
This is the irresponsible genocider Gov of Evolucho who abrogated the Bolivian universal system which had been approved, but abrogated to permit Evo reelection. Now that we Bolivians need the Universal health care, we ser Evo& Evolucho have betrayed us and left us without much needed Universal health care.
What blew the camels back was Arce had infected corona sufferers surround Mallku Felipe Quispe, and arce succeeeded in killing Quispe who would have been the winner of LaPazGovernor elections.
MallkuFelipeCampos is called for phyicians and health care providers not to expose their lives like fools and flood the streets with civil disobedience bc the KharaArceGov is endangering them by refusing the cuarentine, when even rich countries are in lockdown for months. Its unjust to genocide us by denying us Cuarentine not for 2 weeks but for months and Arce is causing countless thousands of thousands to be killed by the pandemic.
Mallku Felipe Campos is the most veteran and an experienced survivor of torture and a retired academician and a brinksman who has foretold the end of Arce gov before 995 days are completed.
Like failed Mesa Gov and Anez Dictatorship and like Fleeing evo's gov, Arce is going to resign in disgrace, bc he is unable to keep hiding his countless corona victims thrown and abandoned in the streets and alleyways.
Please use anticovid double masks, keep social distance and desinfect your surroundings bc vaccinated and non vaccinated can infect you with the pandemic, specially wit mutated brazilian covid, sudafri can covid, B.1.1.7 covid and there are no vaccines to stop them and Chancellor Merkel has confirmed you are going to meed multi0le vaccines, and need vaccination everytime there is another pandenic mutation as you get multiple flu vaccines, but with these mutated pandemics there are no vaccines to magically cure youand these pandemics will ladt for years and famine, drought and lack of water and s coming.
We need an indian cabinet& indulian gov to protect our health, our lives and those of our children and grandchildren and don't take off your anticovid double mask, bc vaccibated people can infect you as any non vaccinated.
Protect yourself please!

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