Open letter to EvoluchoArce...the beggining of the end!

OpenLetter to
EvoLucho Arce
EvoCoward Morales

You colluders& retaliators lost suit& haven't paid to @ RebecaDelgado
@ EduardoMaldonado 4 violating their political rights& cinically you both are violating your very law's 2 years residency requirement4candidate Dockweiller 4 LaPaz!
U destroyed Bolivia denying us Cuarentine&IneficientVaccinesAgainst mutated Pandemics&48Hr CivilDisobedience Sirmes led, is the genesis of a long struggle: you are getting flipped over 4 Being A Genocider& before 992 days U will Write in Quiaca, Argentina, "Ppl put me into Power& Ppl threw me out"

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