...Paris Agreement Delusion!

Cheaters Club of incorregible drunks allege saving humanity with Oil-Carbon Pandemic but killling Humanity: Paris Agreement Delussion!

Since its foundation, this cheaters club meets when incorregible drunks in the name of G-20, BRICS& 200 countries with free media mileage has been making headlines and led 8 billion humans ti believe Paris agreement was going to defend us immediatelly and here from the growing existential threat of extinction.
Year after year these incorregible& incurable drunks made us believe they were a out to abrogate oil-carbon pandemic. The more we listened to drunk O ama, Kerry and his truckloaded G20 drunk corporate & NGOs accomplices we were furthet away and then in subsecuent meetings, paris agreement of drunk- cheaters pushed further away to distant dates the goal to be carbon zero.
In 2018 these drunk cheaters from G-20, BRICS Etched on rock 2050 the date for carbon zero but kept hiding they had returned to heavily drink more of it and true to their name, they were cheating on their own voulunteer pledge to eliminate oil, carbon, gas& pesticides, despite the fact we were worst off than when the Paris club had begun.
In 2019 man made MRNA sarscovid2 was released and they distract us playing the sarscovid2 blame.
Trumo blamed the Chinesse, then bashed the WHO, cut off funds and threaten to leave.
Then these incurable liars and drunks who don't care for humanity nor gor biodiversity or our home Earth heating up like an incinerator on excuse of covid canceled 2019 Paris Agreement climate conference while increasing their deadly GHG emissions 5% and heavily increased subsidizing transgenic, fossil fuel& forest fires, transgenic soy& red meat consumption 10fold
Then in 2020 they cancelled again the Paris Agreement climate conference and increased 20x under the excuse to reactivate their oil-carbon-gas economic model.
In 2021vthey expect to cancel the paris agreement clinate conference while increasing subsidies& oil- carbon-gas, transgenic& meat 30x consumption while preaching the number one polluter is joining back the drunks club of paris agreement.
People as cosumers get the sole blame and not so the fossil fuel corporations. The latter says " if you think we do it, why don't you ask drivers to stip driving?
What is wrong with these incurable drunks blaming not the oil corporations but colluding& retaliating along with them?
If they stop producing their deadly production, drivers will switch to solar& no transgenic and no red meat, should they provide solar and wind energy battery powered cars& trucks.
Among these unrepentant drunks were texans, who produce oul& gas by fracking, which is 20 fold more destructive than gas drilling bc fracking releases 50x more deadly methane gases, that contaminate underground water, soil, aire and your faucet wster beconez flamable and can burn your house and explode and kill you, but as drunks, texan drunks denied climate catastrophe.
Now february 2021, while Ted Cru, is vacationing in Cancun, texans are suffering cruel freeezing winter and they have bo electeic powet to heat their houses and market speculation prices for elecyricak powet is 10K % up.
Now the drunks plsy with humanity's lives as a yoyo toy, said Paris Agreement with USA reinforced desire to tackle climate emergency will save us from extinction now and here.

You expect for us to believe you will stop drinking when you have been cheating for years and drinking more and polluting more?
No, not a chance!
We don't believe in the USA when its the same actor who irresponsibly is polluted and we don't believe in the G20 & BRICS drunks.
Once a drunk, always a drunk.
Once a cheater always a cheater!
You can drink& eat all oil, carbon, gas, but we refuse for you to keep poisoning our food, our water, and killing lungs with nanoparticles of plastics, killing our organs and flowingbin our blood your carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, methane & 1000 deadly chemicals that kill 90 million humans yearly.
We don't believe 2 million dead by covid is more important than 90 million humans per year.
And people will have to make their choice
1) to die quietly as victims of notzees
2) with double masks to protec us from CoVid, joinCivilDisobedience at Refineries till they abrogate fossil-0carbon-gas for solar and vegan

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