Please, bring back our mothers, sisters& daughters!

Please, bring back our mothers, sisters& daughters!

Throughout the USA, consistently for years, female POC are being taken away without much trail to investigate, locate and rescue them.
Almost dIly you read in the media, this scary& disheartening reality and State and Federal Law agencies are not rescuing the women.

Native Americans, Latino-chicanas, black the USA, are disappearing.
Some people think older women just go away for a while. Others say they are fleeing domestic abuse...
But if they are old in this sarscovid2 crisis time, senior citizen women would not sioly leave without leaving a trace. Younger mothers can't be all fleeing domestic abuse, anandoning their beloved children abandoned behind.
And if it's covid, we would find them in funeral mortuaries or at least we would read about them in the media. But they are not there and there is names is the media do not appear nor law agencies call with fatal news of finding their bodies. And of them not even 5% are found dead.
Our American People of color/POC are disappearing like in poor countries like Mexico.
Mexican women in the prime of their lives have been disappearing in Ciudad Juarez, right across El Paso city, Texas, an oil State. But over 10% of the victims corpses have been found.
In the town of, Ayopatzin ,Guerrero State, Mexico, where multiple student protestors were shot by police, but 43 teachers-to-be
For Patty Hearts everything was moved under the heaven and soon Federal law enforcement agency found her, rescued and had her marry to a Federal officer.
But  we, POC are not white, rich and well connected to a media tycon likw Mr Hearts and we are still posting the pictures of our dissapeared relatives and trying to find them.
Please, can anyone pull strings and economic resources to search& find dissappeared mothers, sisters, daughters of ours?
Domitila Mamani

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