Too little to late...will produce Arauz victory!

Too little too late: Alienating Native indigenous will produce Arauz Victory in Ecuador!

USA Media had already overlooked the mini-Fraud& beforeendig thecount had already declared Banker Lasso winner to run against Arauz.
We peaceful indigenous Climate Defenders denounced said primary election fraud. If the election fraud went immune, the USA's backed candidate Banket Lasso would have handed the presidential victory to Arauz.
Come their partial election recount but  it's too little to late to erase the distrust& the fraud and the consequences with Banket Lasso running against Arauz, will still be handing presidential victory to Arauz bc globallyfacing irreversible famine, drought, desertification and oil& carbon pandemic& multiple mutating pandemic sarscovid2 is alienated and driven Native indigenous away from major oil polluter USA "empty words& pseudo GND policy"
Hence the USA will see Arauz president and will have to coexist with Arauz or stupidly keep opening multiple simultaneous fronts in LatinAmerica& the world, which only steps up the falling of their erroneous policies.

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