USBanker Lasso is handing upcoming presidential

US Banker Lasso is handing upcoming presidential Ecuatorian victory to Arauz!

By consumating an Ecuatorian mini-fraud through a razor thin fabricated victory over popular ecuatorian Climate Defender Yaku "Water" Perez Lasso is not only triggering the anger of indigenous Quechua Ecuatorians which will unlesh popular violence against US Banker Lasso in the midsts of global mutating Pandemics that is becoming out of control because no vaccine stops them but ultimatelly discredited as a violence election author, unwillingly the USBanker will hand election victory to Arauz.

This mini-fraud caused by US Banker Lasso coes clearer in his having cleaned his mouth before eating, that is before a few thousands of remainig votes not even counted yet, went to Lasso by US Media Blomberg News, already announcing Lasso's victory, when the electoral Commitee has not even finished the official count nor proclaimed Lasso as the victor to face 2nd round election in April 2021!
Come April and you will see the alienating USBanker cofirmedly handing the presidential victory in Ecuador, to Arauz and the return of Rafael Correa to Ecuador, because climate Defenders are no political toys but are the key to USBanker Lasso's Second round defeat!

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