Ugur Sahim & Ozlam Tureci Why Create Vaccines then refuse vaccinated yourself. Must be unsafe

Why did you herd like rush to become vaccinated when UgurSahim-OzlamTureci continue to refuse their own vaccines!
Part VI

Sadly if you are one of countless millons of vaccinated people this is your coming future:
1) Irreversibly you severely destroyed and/or weakened your matural immube system that was defending you against pathogens like this sarscovid2
2)Pharmaceuticals corps & gov have now irreversibly inserted a foreign deadly sarscovid2 pathogen in your body
3) now these phatmaceuticals& gov have turned you into a human "vaccine pacman" who to is not protected against mutated deadly covidB.1.1.7& covidSudafrica& CovidBrazil and tens of other mutated pandemic viruses and know there are no vaccines against these mutated more deadly pandemic viruses.
4) as a human "Vaccine  pacman", you must continue eating, new vaccines, " pac, pac, pac"& someday when your master pharmaceuticals& gov find a new vaccine, you will be vaccinated by a covidB.1.1.7 new vaccine
5) Then you must take the SudaAfricanCovid Vaccine.
6)Then you must take the BarzilCovid vaccine
7) you must continue to be vaccinated every time there is new pandenic virus mutation
8) There are tens& endless Pandemic mutations, for which you will receive new endless vaccines if you want to live.
9) As a human "vaccine  pacman" for you not to be freighten, govs like Frau Merkel, euphemistically tell you, like talking to children  born with cognitive developmental congenital illnesses " take the vaccine many years...with each new mutation/variation of covid, you need a new vaccine"!
The fact remains tou being human likely will not make it to other new vaccines against mutated pandemic viruses and after being vaccinated the first or second or third time, you may fall ill and die with a heart failure or stroke or other organ failures but to protect themselves from victims' relatives suing them, they will deny the vaccine kill you& will not get justice for you, their victim.
What can other humans do?
A) Don't kill your own Natural immune system by innoculating  your body with this little known man- made MRNA sarscovid2 and mutating/Variant pandemic viruses& stop letting them keep vaccinating endlessly bc you are aiding & abetting these pharmaceutical corps& gov in inserting more lethal foreign pandemic viruses to your frail body and remember Ugur Sahim& Ozlam  Tureci inventors of these inefficient political vaccines, refused to becone vaccinated even now. Puting refused to get vaccinated too. So why would you let them keep turning you into an addicted "
vaccine pacman" when you should be protecting your health, your body your life and that of your children& grandchildren?
And remember desinfectants& anticovid mask and social distancing has been protecting you!
Unlike harmless new vaccines you frequently took, sarscovid2& mutating pandemic viruses are not harmless and kill you, sooner or later. Significant percent of german& norwegian and israelies who have bee vaccinated, post vaccination, died. And that's a fact, you should take into account and stop dreaming in normalcy. Normalcy is irreversibly gone bc of BlackRock's fissil fuel& carbon deadly emissions which cause irreversible carbon pandemic and then the massive deadly danger from covid19, etc

Angela Merkel:

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