With what right did Fujimori & his masters, sterilized Peruvian indians?

With what right did Fujimori& his masters, sterilized Peruvian indians?
Japanes fascist Fujimori sterlized indigenous women w/o their consent and many died as a consequence of Fujimori's authoritarian secret sterilizations policies during his dictator years.
Can you imagine the pain of the victims and their families and the lack of justice since 1990 and you ask, for all the excruciating pain, Post Traumatic Stress disorder the victims carry throughout their lives, why Fujimory is not man up and ask them forgiveness and paid them just compensation?
Not with Fujimori and his master's master race policy makers who caused countless sterilizations across borders in multiple countries, whose doctrine was authored by US Supreme justice Oliver Wendell Holmes " 3 generations of imbecils are enough" and Andrew Jackson said it, "The best indian is a dead indian"
Killed american indians& sterilizalized american indian women, so they can become extinct for being indian?
But to pawns like Fujimori, who euphemistically said it was "to eliminate poverty"
Poverty created by Fujimori's masters and Fujimori, bc they stole their lands, stole their America and with broken treatise perpetuated poverty on american indians and not to see them, sterilized secretly and coercively indian women!
Fujimori's racism& machismo& narcisism is quite known an so are his concted legal shinanigans with which he's dragged for decades the legal proceeding against him, under his concocted medical frailty, seeking empathy and solidarity to his health so they can dismiss his case and gi e him freedom. An empathy he lacked for his victims!
Solidarity he lacked for his victims!
A freedom he denied to his sleep victims, who were sterilized by his masters' and Fujimori!
Yet narcisticly he seeks his freedom bc the world is moving around him. So he thinks!
I ask you, will victims ever see a penny of compensation for physical and psychological inhuman torture to sterilize indian women against their will?

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