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Your Call for peace& reconciliation is for immunity ad impunity...

Open letter to O Ortiz, C Mesa,LFCamacho&Jose Fuentes Re: Your Call for peace& reconciliation is for immunity& impunity for you BlackNovember Coup D'etat makers! Dear sirs: No pertenezco ni a evo ni a ningun politiquero latifundista como Uds q han estado incendiando el patrimonio Nal forestal& fauna & fueron parte del golpe. You allege to seek the rights for your elite minority  rights & allege you are the defenders of Morality& Democracy and want not to be victims of revenge but immunity and impunity for you, the Coup makers! The facts are: You& your parties& CEB, military, police and paramilitary were partaking conspirators, seditious and terrorizing the people of Bolivia, to seize power and Anez committed those crimes along with you. When evo offered you Mesa, a new election why didn't you defend morality and democracy and the People, instead of lie-screaming "fraud" without any evidence and then co-leading the civic- mili

Beware of deadly Vaxzevria& neverending booster shots...

Beware of deadly VaxZevria& neverEnding booster shots, like annual flu vaccines!            By Abby Cantor Does it matter to hide the truth when people are desperate to get any shot labeled "vaccine"? Measles vaccine is made of a dead measles virus, which identifies the measles virus and stops it, hence permanently saves you from measles! All so called sarscovid2 vaccines do not use the whole virus but a piece of it, which is injected to you & then it helps you to identify the sarscovid2 infection attacking & is supposed to cause creation of antigens for the purpose to stop it and save you for all your lifetime. Wrong asumption & wrong expectation to be lifetime protected from sarscovid2 pandemic, because it fails, you get infected and you infect others. Why does it fail to protect you lifetime and doesn't take you back to your past normalcy? It's not a true vaccine but misrepresented as such, so its a political- vaccine/pseudo vaccine but it ide

Muerte de la Esperanza o resurreccion de la justicia Boliviana?

Carta Abierta a Ron MacLean: Re: Muerte de la Esperanza o resurreccion de la Justicia Boliviana? Tu mayor enfoque es tu venganza personal irresuelta contra Evo, quien no es mas q uno de los muchos& su tiempo ya acabo& nunca mas sera presidente, asi q tu derrochas espacio de tu columna politica, como decias tu en el pasado en la universidad de Harvard, ante tus alumnos, en Bolivia te contradicescon tu consejo moral, " Stop beating a dead dog with a broken stick"& Alegas sin evidencia legal q Evo cometio fraude.  Luis Almagro de la OEA, es el autor de las alegadas irregularidades del voto, xq diferentes instituciones internacionales auditoras de excelente reputation, como el MIT, el CLACSO, etc, demostraron que no hubo fraude& Almagro falsifico su auditoria con distorsiones de data& tu no tienes asidero legal para alegar fraude electoral 2019! A ver muestra tus evidencias? No las tienes! Pero los hechos de Anez por secuestrar, torturar a familiares de

ANSCLAD...debe aprender a obedecer al pueblo& a la CPE!

ANSCLAD VIOLA CPE& debe aprender a obedecer al Pueblo&a la CPE!      Por Domi Mamani M Apenas sediciosos de ANSCLAD declaren paro, Uds deben obtener Orden judicial prohibiendo-paros-de simpatia-con- golpistas& q retornen al trabajo bajo pena de ser despedidos& si no obedecen, no solo despedirlos por abandono de su fuente de trabajo e incumplimieto de deberes, sino solicitar orden de arresto judicial por desacato de orden judicial, al no regresar a su fuente de trabajo como mandaba la orden judicial! Asi despedidos permanentemente del trabajo, ANSCLAD aprendera a someterse a CPE q entre otras manda " La policia no puede deliberar ni ser politica sino a cumplir con sus funciones de preservar el orden publico& acatar las ordenes de los poderes del Estado" Comparativamente hay un legado internacional: la fiscalia de EEUU solicito q gran sindicato PATCO cese paro huelguista. Desacataron y fiscalia pidio a la corte y esta ordeno q PATCO vuelva a trabajar xq

Carlos Mesa G pacifier or a grave digger?

Open letter to Carlos Mesa G Re: Pacifier or a grave digger? Dear Mesa: You self praise yourself as a pacifier. Killing unarmed indigenous and my little niece during Black  October 2003 with Goni& SDeLozadaBerzain, how can you call yourself a pacifier, in addition to having burned alive billions of live-animals& trees, then gave 10 million hectars of burned land to Latifundists 4 votes? Pocketing money & starving bolivians but incompetent& cowardly resigning, how can you call that uniting and fighting for Bolivians? Loosing elections in 2019 and alleging there was a fraud, you, DMedia,Anez, Camacho, the military& police executed a CoupD'etat, and then implanted Anez for president. How can you call it democraticly saving the country? Endorsing your accomplice Anez's genocide by decree4078, genocided in Sacaba&Senkata, how can you call Anez a victim, when she was the victimizer of 36 unarmed, 400 wounded& 1600persecuted people& countless ex

SOS escuchenX Favor!

  SOS escuchenxFavor: Primero debemos sobrevivir& acceptar la realidad q ninguna vacuna nos protege de morir x pandemia y en vez de destrozar con la vacuna nuestras defensas imunizativas Debemos usar barbijo& desifectante lavarnos frequetemente y con servar 3 mts distancia social, asi sobreviviremos! Estan entrando multiples cepas pandemicas mutantes q no tienen vacuna inventada xq evaden la ineficiente y obsoleta vacuna- contra-la-Corona y nos infectan a los vacunados y asi se multiplica nuevas mutantes pandemias sin control, encima se nos viene encima 3a ola pandemica! Desde Dec5 2020 Mallku Felipe te solicito cuarentenes bolivia hasta el Dec 2021! No escuchaste& ahora la cepa mutante brasilera ya esta matando en la Media Luna separatista. Debes cerrar todas las frontera e imponer immediatamente Estricta cuarentena Nal! La Pandemia Tanzanica tiene 10 cepas mutantes q no tiene vacuna. @ LuchoXBolivia debes imponer cuarentena ya &am

Open letter to Luis Arce, re: Need immediate Quarantine In Bolivia!

   Open letter to L Arce Re:Since Dec5 2020 u refuse Quarantining Bolivia Dear Luis: I am not benefitting whether you win or lose your battles in the multiple fronts. I am seriously concerned on your misguided policies & understand you are pittifully educated as a magistrate in Economics at Warwick College. We are retired college faculty and have been trying to help you swim in the sea of incompetence& perils your government faces& tries to swim without much success. In simple words, try to educate you: 1) on Dec5 2020 Dr Felipe Campos advised and requested to you, to cuarentine Bolivia until Dec5 2021, you refused& kept him exiled. You chose PIB growth instead of quarentening Bolivia and have 20K dead and half a million pandemic infected victims and this has the potential to decimate the People of Bolivia and the fall of your government for this serious error and multiple misguided policies such as feminicides, burning the forest& desertification& perman

Evo, hijo prodigo extraviado de la madre Tierra!

Evo hijo prodigo extraviado de la MadreTierra!            XOdiseoExiliado La mayoria de mi famiia vivia en el Chapare, Tu mama te trajo con Dionisio/me queria&era amiga de mi mama Q estaciones mas alegres las q vivimos Junto con animalitos& arboles milenarios q nos daban 2metros de lluvia anual q se convertian en fieras rugientes con abundantes peces Ah q bellaAbundante vida quien la quisiera otra vez vivir pero solo vivimos 1 vez! Crecimos juntos jugando football Tu perseguiste los gringos de Tambo & los dolares brillaban en tus manos. Pobre mi padre revolucionario del 52 padecio&murio en extrema pobreza olvidado! Q peso me cayo encima& conservar mi beca holandesa& veces me dormia en clase x el cansancio xtrabajo nocturno pa mantener la familia de mi mama, mientras gozabas Tambo High& una vez me armaste "pelea por Melonie" No, el amor de una mujer se gana con amor& no Xfuerza bruta! Asi rehuzando la violencia perdi a Melonie. Un

Fend off against multiple pandemic mutating viruses?

When countries & people will listen to close their borders to fend off against multiple pandemic mutating viruses? A vaccine is once a lifetime shot, then you are immune to that epidemic  but politically rushed vaccine sarscovid2 is not a vaccine but a shot to make you dependant of more shots, to enrich politicians like Sahim-Tureci, who invented his pseudo vaccine yet while he is pushed billions to his invented shot, as of this writing, they refuse to get the very shot they invented and market and enriched them at your cost and now they are going after your beloved child, with a child's politically rushed vaccine. They are pushing for a vaccine passaport to force everybody to received not one shot but multiple unending sarscovid2 shot. This forceful vaccination will force discrimibatory segregation of Non- vaccinated people and retaliated against them to be forcefully interned in camps-of-forced labor and die by getting them infected through infected people. This was done a

To trial or not to trial genociders in your own country?

To trial or not to trial genociders in your own country? Time to make decisions before the ones who talk, talk, talk but violate human rights in their own countries after having comitted genocide after genocide since they emigrated& colonized & stole lands of indigenous American owners and invaded countries to steal their oil& natural resources and economically enslave them! Those countries that talk, talk, talk of racial equality, reciprocity& respect to sovereingty& self determination but their acts show the contrary! That is, they impose through servile international organizations! The global employer wants to interven in all coutries domestic affairs, through false independent investigations through their lynch mob OAS servile organization, to extricate their coup makers& genocider dictators who coldly signed genocide-decrees and repeatedly genocided their own people through their indoctrinated military and police trained to assassinate any leader who disa

Mr. Jose Miguel Vivanco

Mr Jose Miguel Vivanco HRW Re: J Anez& A Murillo coup& kidnapping of 5 High Value Detainees Mr Vivanco HRW: You demand the release of Anez. She co-lead the Coup of 2019 with military- civil sedition groups because she and her accomplices coerced congressmen to resign to make possible the succession to the presidency and hid the word, " Coup D'etat" through the media she controlled by money and terror! She self appointed& autoproclaimed President of Bolivia& her  co- conspirator& co seditious & co-terrorist military& police commanders put the presidential sash on her and not the Bolivian congress, who she blocked and locked out until she consumated her Coup D'etat In Riberalta we were unemployed due to her Coup and government& so many of our 135K citizens were starving. Desperate to feed our children, peacefully we expressed our freedom of speech, requesting her government to provide food for our starving family and as we were peac

Militares muestrennos que guerra han ganado...?

Hasta cuando permitiremos militares& policias genocidas sean inmunes e impunes para ser golpeados frecuentemente otra vez? Militares sobrepagados al 100 por ciento con pensiones immerecidas, muestrennos que guerra han ganado los militares en toda su colonialista& post colonialista existencia y apoderamiento del poder en Bolivia & xq se alega q su existencia  determina la existencia de la vida & estabilidad de Bolivia? Es una triste realidad aceptar verdades amargas q saborean a amaranta! El latifundio colonialista & post colonialista mundial y rspecialmente el latifubdio oriental Boliviano se debe a q las FFAA han sido y son el monopolio Judas de la fuerza. Una fuerza servil a la corona Judas q empezo con Fernando de Aragone Isabel de Castilla en la primera dinastia en Espana. Luego de asesinar co arde y arteramente a los proceres Mariscal de Ayacucho& Simon Bolivar. La mafia Judas de Olaneta coludiendo con los militares judas, continuo enriqueciendose econo

To JMVivanco

Mr @ JMVivanco HRW, foreign agent NGO: @JeanineAnez Decreeted @ GenocideByDS4078 Arce didn't! Anez ordered 36 executions, 400 wounded &1600 persecutions w/o any trial, if that is not terrorism, resurrect the unarmed, innocent genocided victims! Arce didn't kill! Where were you that you didn't stop Anez? Anez was judge,jury, prosecutor& executioner of unarmed innocent indians! Arce Didn't! Anez gave no medical asistance, visits to her victims and killed Patricia Hermosa's baby, by denying her and her unborn baby medical attention! Arce gave it all plus privileges only she gets them! Anez self proclaim president w/o congress& along with her military and police killed & wouded ad persecuted innocent indians& denied them ventilators&vaccines against Covid19! Arce was elected & installed by Congress& provides ventilators&Vaccines! You don't care for indian victims bc you are an incorregible racist like Almagro& have

There are no leaders but failed narcissistic caudillos in Bolivia!

There are no Leaders but failed narcissistic caudillos in Bolivia! In 2015 exiled by Evo& GarciaL, Mallku Felipe Campos invited C Mesa, Doria Medina, R Costas, Leyes, A Oliva, R Paz, LF Camacho a formar UNO con una reciprocidad rotacional de mando en los 3 poderes del estado y el TSE, para electoralmente derrotar al IPSP-MAS. The answer was "On the condition I will be the president" each of these chieffs of parties demanded and were adamant about it, with which they buried the goal to make a united UNO front! He then wrote to middle rank heads within MAS and repeated the offer he gave to te opposition but this time was MAS: A pledge for Bo more feminicides, do not burn our flora& fauna& I give will not be the President if we can all agree with a reciprocal rotation of power in the 3 branches of power& TSE and chose by casting the dice, ourpresidebtial candidate for elections. Most answered they wanted Evo to remain president. Mallku Felipe said that's

Without 2019 Coup Makers's congressional votes, genocide victims will not ever receive justice!

Without 2019 Coup makers's congressional votes, genocide victims will not ever receive justice! By Abrahan Cantor Military and police genocide commanders, J Anez, her cabinet& Mesa, Camacho, Doria Medina will never be tried&sentenced&serve any sentence for Sacaba& Senkata genocides of 36 unarmed peaceful indigenous, 400 bullet wounded protestors and 1600 politically persecuted people by Anez' lawfare policies. I back the above statements based on the fact the global foreign employer will use its power to protect its civil contractors and the fact that these Co-coup D'etat makers will not aid Anez prosecution, bc it would incriminate them. Most importantly the Armed forces and the National Police control the monopoly of guns and missuse of deadly force in Bolivia and Carlos Mesa, LF Camacho, S Doria Medina control less than 40% of congressional votes in the Bolivian assambly hence deny the 2/3 congressional votes needed to take away their Heads of State i

Open Letter-answer to David Inca&Paul Coca&Oscar Ortiz, C Toranzo& Diego Ayo.

Open Letter-answer to David Inca&Paul Coca& Oscar Ortiz, C Toranzo& Diego Ayo, regarding your publication in pagina siete 03/24/21 Dear sirs: I am an oppositor to Arce and Evo because they as well as your extreme right wing govs of the past, excluded us and denied us an indigenous cabinet and still they as well as MesaAnez- Camacho cattlemen support Latifundio& burnt the forests& increased feminicides. I am not a party for or against Anez and her guilty finding or acquital is of no use to me. I write this answer to your misguided and false narrative of a vacuum of power  due to pseudo-v olunteer resignations  to erase from history and reality the Anez nov 12th 2019's Coup D'etat, because only the facts must lead us to the truth! You sirs politicized the case of Anez- Coimbra-Guzman's ongoing penal processes but I will start with the DELAY for victims of Anez's genocide by her signed DS4078, AKA GenocideByDecree. The DELAY for unarmed-peaceful

Are you a victim or a cruel and inhuman criminal?

Open letter to Jeanine Anez Re: Are you a victim or a cruel& inhuman criminal? Dear Jeanine: I am not running for any office and I am not a party politician as you are, & I have nothing to gain whether you win or lose your penal crime charges and as most humans want to know whether you are a victim or a cruel& inhuman abuser and the facts are the only things that count to ascertain the truth! After many people, you were on line to remotely come to power and your domestic and foreign friends financed you and your married lover A Murillo's paramilitary threatened to kill Evo unless Adriana Salvatierra resigned, then kidnapped and tortured Victor Borda's brother and threatened to kill him But to save his tortured & kidnapped sibling, Borda had to resigned his presidential sucession right and all the others ahead of you in the succession line, resigned under coercion and threats of death! Was that cruel & inhuman abuse by you& your cohorts or were you cr

Q viva nuestro valiente Almirante Eduardo Abaroa!

Q viva nuestro valiente Almirante Eduardo Abaroa! Oligarcas traidores Ani ceto Arce, Narciso Campero, Eliodoro Camacho sabotearon a Hilarion Daza& traicionando al Peru, capitularon frente a chile, estos diplomaticos mediocres nos han costado nuestro Litoral en el Pacifico& Evo incompetente con su juicio sin base, nos Costo permanentemente perderlo y nos dejo un trapo azul hoy desaparecido! Ahora Evolucho Arce continuando su traicion igual q su pariente Aniceto Arce, anuncio politicas diplomaticas incompetentes: continuar premiando a los eternos ladrones chilenos con comercio e importacion de bienes de consumo q hieren& nos convierten en economicamente dependientes del Ladron traidor Chileno! No quisieron comerciar el gas como socios   a cambio de un puerto de acceso soberano al pacifico y todos sus actos y politicas chilenas nos han llevado por mas de un siglo al desastre! Como los chilenos no quieren darnos acceso, no hay razon para q Arce los premie por ser violadores&

We indigenous celebrate Mother Earth's water day!

March22th, we indigenous celebrate Mother Earth' s water day! It was in the water war in Cochabamba Bolivia, along with the Oliveras, when we fought the earliest water war, body to body for multiple months against corporatist fascist Bechtel-Banzer-TutoQuiroga Evo came and stole our water war's victory and from  2006 to 2019, evo burn our rain makers: forest trees for Latifundio! Mesa burnt 10 million hectares of trees 4 Latifundio! Evo burnt 10 millon hectars of trees4 Latifundio! Dictator J Anez burnt 10 millon hectares of trees Cattlemen's 4Latifundio! Arce Burnt 10 millon hectars 4Latifundio! So how can you believe these rain makers's arsonists? They burnt billions of live animals& live milenial trees that were producing rains, filling  aquifers and creating rich biodiversity, but these money greedy lying politicians burnt our rain forests for transgenic soy, agrotoxic fossil fuels and for red meat! We don't need transgenic toxic food nor red meat b

Bolivian military have rendered useless their own 3 military laws...

Bolivian military have rendered useless their own 3 military laws, including FOMOL! The army represent today's armed forces. The Bolivian army has served colonial interests of a foreign power since its inception and has been occupying Bolivia and it's people and has been opressing the people to preserve latifundio and foreign domination. After Spanish colonial exploitation was defeated and Bolivia proclaimed its independence in Gust 6th 1825, the spanish economic&political& religious classes of spanish domination under Casimiro Olaneta conspired, and rose in sedition& terrorism, making its first president Jose Antonio de Sucre, a military sedition victim and a military assassination victim in Berruecos, Chuquisaca, Bolivia. Since then the judasSpanish classes have continued to control& opress indigenous Bolivians through their armed forces. This is evidence by so many politicized judas spanish descendants continuing to use the armed forces to opress Bolivia

Oil, carbon& gas pandemics are causing climate refugees...

Oil, Carbon & gas pandemics are causing climate refugees, to migrate, to survive! This is the second year, my peach trees have bloomed flowers in late winter and just yesterday lost them for the second year in a row, their blooming flowers, which means I won't have peaches in late spring or the summer and like last year, this current year I will not have peaches to donate to 2500 families, who need fresh fruits during covid pandemic and its heart breaking for the second year, the little ones won't have peaches unless they are well to do! This is not only a climate emergency but climate catastrophe reality, because the seasons are deteriorating and overheating weather and drought is becoming permanent, for the second year in a row having no fruits are the hard reality, due to oil, carbon and gas pandemics, causing climate catastrophe! This means famine will increase not only in developing and under- developed countries but in G7 countries and BRICS, for unemployed middle

Anez plays the victim card!

Anez plays the victim card! By Domi Mamani M It's clinically proven that guilt, produces high fear& anxiety which triggers and/or worsens hypertension on any human being, if the named stressors are not eliminated in one's life. Senior citizens who carry these high stressors suffer permanent hypertension and senior citizen NarcoMarihuana Jeanine Anez is not exempt from them! About a year ago dictator Anez who already had a pre-existing hypertension and used to decrease her hypertension by medicated shots, was enjoying her deadly power over her indigenous victims, who she and her cabinet premeditated& cold heartedly signed death by DS4078, and the unarmed protestors were shot from aiships& from the ground, causing in Sacaba& Senkata, genocide of 36 innocents, 400 bullet wounded people and 1600 innocents persecuted by her government, who didn't care their critical medical condition and never transfered them to medical clinics, on the contrary her order was t