Anez plays the victim card!

Anez plays the victim card!
By Domi Mamani M
It's clinically proven that guilt, produces high fear& anxiety which triggers and/or worsens hypertension on any human being, if the named stressors are not eliminated in one's life.
Senior citizens who carry these high stressors suffer permanent hypertension and senior citizen NarcoMarihuana Jeanine Anez is not exempt from them!
About a year ago dictator Anez who already had a pre-existing hypertension and used to decrease her hypertension by medicated shots, was enjoying her deadly power over her indigenous victims, who she and her cabinet premeditated& cold heartedly signed death by DS4078, and the unarmed protestors were shot from aiships& from the ground, causing in Sacaba& Senkata, genocide of 36 innocents, 400 bullet wounded people and 1600 innocents persecuted by her government, who didn't care their critical medical condition and never transfered them to medical clinics, on the contrary her order was to execute the wounded, so they would be no witnesses to accuse her for crimes against humanity!
Dictator anez used to laugh when hearing reports of her 13 innocent women victims, imprisoned during her military-police D'facto gov. One of her victims former chief of cabinet Patricia Hermosa, despite her advance pregnancy and medical need to save her about to arrive baby, was denied transfer to a medical clinic, despite OAS CIDH request to transfer them to medical clinics!
Once medically informed Anez, decided to deny transfers to clinics and condemned to death, the soon to arrive baby of Patricia Hermosa! Matter of fact, after she heard the excruciating pain& desperate screams of her victim Patricia Hermosa  suffering a miscarriage, as a result of being denied transfer to an emergency clinic, Anez ordered her lover Minister of Gov Arturo Murillo to charge the pagan indian Patricia Hermosa, under the false charge of inducing criminal abortion against god's will and make it public so she can suffer public shame!
Minister Murillo eager & angrily denounced their victim for inducing an alleged late abortion.
Anez media violently attacked the victim with such venom that other witnesses later gave heartfelt testimonies, Patricia sunk in severe depression& wanted to die for unjustly being denied transfer to an emergency clinic and suffering a painful miscarriage due to a lack of medical assistance!
Dictator Anez had began to murder from the onset of her gov and Hermosa's baby was murdered by Anez' order, and she continued to order murder of indigenous people she hatefully accused of being pagan and denounced their love for life and love for Mother Earth/ Pachamama, and love for life, as evil pagan rituals and kept mudering the in- digenous& lawfare persecuted them, without any evidence!

Nov 2020, Luis Arce made an immunity and impunity oral deal with Anez, on the condition she quietly live her high end life and hurt no more indigenous Bolivians.
Matter of fact, most of Anez' Cabinet, including Anez's married lover, Arturo  Murillo, were not arrested for committing multiple crimes and were allowed to comfortably escape. Murillo escaped to Panama and then from the panama canal, his global employer, who he worked for as a Civil contractor, flew him to Fort Lauderdale, Florida!
Anez betrayed her deal with Arce and along with L F Camacho& Ivan Arias, she went back to politics as usual, as if her scores of murdered people didn't ever happened in Bolivia and the media made sure the victims were forgotten! Worst she rewrote& distorted history alleging she saved democracy and that people owed her favors and privileges and it was time for them to pay her. But the elections went bad for neurotic sufferer Anez and Arce allowed the public ministry to summon and arrest Anez for multiple crimes she committed as a senator against the State of Bolivia!
Anez was arrested and is waiting ordinary penal trial for conspiracy, sedition& terrorism.
Anez plays the favorite card her breed of Latifundists, that is despite being guilty of countless heinous crimes she plays her game: slaps her thousands true victims with the victim card of her own!
But a year ago, Anez was partying and drinking so frequently and flying her inner latifundio circle to birthday parties of her family, against the very restraints of covid Pandemic decimating Bolivia and now she is harvesting what she has sown. And to stop her trial, she cold heartedly continues to play the victim card!
As a matter of fact not only plays the victim card but threatened her mightly global employer, " Either you get me out of jail to a clinic and fly me to Fort Lauderdale, or I will spill the beans..."
To this her global employer, sought to prevent her from spilling the beans& is sent the UN secretary, the OAS secretary, the Catholic CEB, the A Patino foundation, etc and internally from Mesa to DM, to Tuto Quiroga...Camacho, they all are batting for Anez& for their own seditious necks!
The CIDH special envoy came to verify any possible human rights violation but after seeing  state of the art medical machines, to monitor her vitals, the quality of Anez's medical room, medical professionals even from outside, coming and going, finding Anez and talking to her, she was fine, well cared medically, receiving visitors freely, including her vociferous daughter. The CIDH envoy reported back to the ACNUR commissioner Michel Bachelet, that Anez was not suffering violations of Human rights, was stable, medically cared& receiving special privileges from the Miraflores penitenciary  staff and from gov. 
Despite the ACNUR report, Anez's daughter denies the truth and neurotically keeps alleging, "My mother's hypertension is high, 190 beats/minute and they lower it by injecting her at every instant...they are denying to transfer her to a clinic, they are killing her"
I Domi Mamani who is verified Anez medical status, say to Carolina Ribera: playing the victim card can't always get you and your mom, your very capricious desires. As a matter of fact she will be hypertense outside jail and inside jail, bc she had hypertension all her life and she didn't die. 190 beats is not a dying high nor she is going to die.
She is hypertense because she knows she is guilty and has victimized so many indigenous, including Patricia Hermosa and her guilt is making her lifetime hypertension, flare up. 
But all medical treatments are the same, that is getting it lowered by medical shots and your mother is finely figured it out and she is going to buy/donated, a new heart and she's stolen enough money from the covid budget, to afford several New hearts. So stop being a cry baby and tell your tantrum mother, to stop throwing tantrums, for after all her civil contractor global employer is going to get her out in due time, so shut up and woman up, because if you two alienate your employer, they will simply walk away and forget about your tantrum throwing mother, as they forgot her fellow drug dealer Manuel Noriega!
What the real cause of her hypertension is, guilt, guilt, guilt!
Guilt for murdering Patricia Hermosa's unborn baby!
Guilt for her psycologically torturing Patricia Hermosa!
Guilt for what she did to her 13 women prisoners!
Guilt for her victims of Sacaba!
Guilt for her victims of Senkata!
Guilt for signing DS 4078, the genocide decree!
Guilt for her victims of El Pedregal!
Guilt for children and widows suffering famine, because she killed their fathers, the bread earners, by Decree4078!
Guilt she carries in her conscience and the papal indulgences, novenas and church masses have failed to cure her from suffering her own guilt and she knows it!
Her guilt for stealing money from ventilators and condemning so many indigenous to die, is because she didn't provide the ventilators hence your mother killed them!
Guilt for all the covid victims she caused! 
your mother's victim
Mallku Felipe Campos,asked a quarentine to save bolivians and to abrogate forest fires& abrogate Cattlemen's Latifundio and to stop feminicides. But her answer was to exile innocent Felipe, without any due process!
Mallku Felipe has no hypertension despite being a PTSD survivor, exiled by Evo, your mother&Arce for almost 16 years, being denied his right to attend his mother's unjust death and burial& being denied the right to visit her grave!
Do you know why your mother gets chronic hypertension?
Guilt produces more guilt until it sickens and devours your mother!
Patricia& Felipe and most victims dealt with PTSD and suffer no hypertension bc as victims they carry no guilt but your mom does!
Until your mother makes a U turn and repairs the injuries she is caused to so many innocents! Innocents victim's children suffer and cry bc your mother killing their parents, took away their daily bread provider and its those innocents' cry, suffering, pain& tears, the very cause of your mother's guilt and her hypertension will get worst daily and even if she was free, she would die, bc she carries multiple guilt and it will devour her life, as the arson flames your mother used to burned live trees and billions of innocent live animals, she burnt to death and now your mother is being unable to carry her own guilt!
It's a bad kharma and it will devour her!
Your mother is afraid to face god, because her own conscience torments her with committing countless heinous& schoking crimes as murdering her victims' unborn baby and she can't bare the guilt of being a baby killer. And contrary to her cynical praise the lord pass the ammo, god slew pagan indigenous people!"
It wasn't god god who slew innocent unarmed indigenous people but your very mother by her evil order, genocide decree 4078 she signed and she can't face her overwhelming guilt, because her victims claim justice
And god is justice and she will pay to god here and now!

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