Are you a victim or a cruel and inhuman criminal?

Open letter to Jeanine Anez
Re: Are you a victim or a cruel& inhuman criminal?
Dear Jeanine:
I am not running for any office and I am not a party politician as you are, & I have nothing to gain whether you win or lose your penal crime charges and as most humans want to know whether you are a victim or a cruel& inhuman abuser and the facts are the only things that count to ascertain the truth!
After many people, you were on line to remotely come to power and your domestic and foreign friends financed you and your married lover A Murillo's paramilitary threatened to kill Evo unless Adriana Salvatierra resigned, then kidnapped and tortured Victor Borda's brother and threatened to kill him But to save his tortured & kidnapped sibling, Borda had to resigned his presidential sucession right and all the others ahead of you in the succession line, resigned under coercion and threats of death! Was that cruel & inhuman abuse by you& your cohorts or were you cruel and inhumanly forcing them to resign so you could become the succesion president?
You allege being a victim of cruel& inhum an abuse, but no penal prisoner like you gets a private medical room with state of the art medical equipment inside the penitenciary but only you! Is that cruel& inhuman abuse of your health?
No penitenciary prisoner gets private physician visits and multiple  Miraflores penitenciary physicians medical care, but you. Is that cruel& unusual human treatment or exclusive & excessive priviledges?

The Miraflores penitenciary has given you an exeption for your abusive daughter Carolina Ribera to bring you food instead of the penitenciary food. Isn't that excessive privileges only you have it?
Penitenciary prisoners are not allowed to have doctors  check their vitals every two hours but only you. Is that cruel& inhuman or excessive privileges and excessive costs to tax payers?
Penitenciary prisoners don't get the UN Secretary make a zoom meetings with President Arce, but you got the privileges immediatelly after it, how is that cruel& inhuman?
You got OAS secretary L Almagro& the CIDH to visit and verify your medical treatment while detained for multiple penal crimes, how is that cruel& inhuman abuse?
The CIDH has verified and so did i, your medical treatment, doctors& medical shots to regularly lower your hypertension has been eficient and professionally given to you plus multiple visits no other prisoner gets but you. How is that cruel & inhuman abuse but exceptional privileges only you en joy it?

The CIDH has said not finding any cruel& inusual abuses of your humanity at the Miraflores penitenciary. Tell us how that would constitute cruel and unusual punishment?
You don't like being under judicial penal processes for your deviances & coached by your global employer of civil contractors, you push yourself to starvation to intentionally cause over 200 heartbeats per minute so you can force the State doctors to intravenously force feed you and inject shots, to lower your hypertension and bingo you will have the master excuse of accusing them of not only cruel& unusual human rights abuses and portrait Bolivia and the gov as totalitarian and demonize Arce as your global employer demonizes Putin for Navalny and then release you and you make a dramatic escape and cause Arce gov to be intervened by OAS troops as Guatemala or Venezuela is going to be intervened.
How is that cruel& unusual human rights abuse when its you who is psycotically and neurotically self inflicting injury, so you can escape justice and the penal processes? Or it is excessive privileges no one else has but you at the Miraflores penitenciary?
Now let me remind you of Mallku Felipe Campos, from now on Mallku Felipe. He was exiled by Evo and Arce is still exiling him, for the very reasons you exiled him: He asked you dec 2 2019 to quarentine Bolivia against Covid19, asked you to stop burning 10 million hectars of milenisl trees for soy and cattlemen and asked his repatriation to Bolivia, your answer was to keep exiling him and you caused countless deaths with Covid by not quarentening Bolivia, you burnt countless billions of live animals. Isn't that cruel and inhuman violations you comitted against your human victims& billions of animal& flora victims? Or were you enjoying your  christian privilege to genocide indigenous who you label "pagans who have pagan rituals" and say they don't belong to the city but to the salvage hinterlands?
13 innocent women you imprisoned and denied them tranfers to clinics and You baby killed Pateicia Hermosa's baby by denying her medical treatment& transfer to a clinic, she suffered a miscarriage! Then you ordered your married lover, Murillo to charge her for allegingly causing  abortion and tortured her psychologically by falsely accusing her through your contro
lled media, of having aborted a child near its birth day!
When you refused to repatriate bolivians from Argetina, Chile...and
left indigenous people to die not only of covid 19 but of cold& hunger& homelessness in the frigid borders of Bolivia and at hight altitud, you exposed them to hypertension and death! But hastily you repatriated rich latifundio catlemen. Werent you imposing cruel and inhuman Abuses to indigenous people while you granted privileges to your white latifundio cattlemen?
When you signed your genocide decree, ordering genocide of indigenous people in Sacaba and Senkata wasn't that cruel& inhuman violations by your white latifundio cattlemen dictatorial gov?
When you signed indigenous genocide by decree 4078 and had your white military and police coldly execute  unarmed peaceful indigenous people, didn't it constitute cruel& inhuman human rights violations by you and your white cristian military and police?
When you left widow& orphans without food and shelter because you ordered their bread earners executions in Sacaba and Senkata, weren't you committing cruel and inhuman crimes against humanity which never expire? And now that you have to answer for your penal acts,  you act like a cry baby, "I am being cruel and inhumanly abused" in order to avoid answering for your cruel and inhuman acts against indigenous people, which you did without compunctions!
How about we ask readers to tell us, based on your above acts and signed genocide decree 4078, if you are the victim or the culprit of cruel and inhuman violations of human rights and crimes against humanity?
I rest my case& lets have the readers verdict of who is committed cruel and inhuman violations of human rights and crimes against humanity and is afraid to face god for crimes against humanity!
Domitila Mamani M
La Paz, Bolivia
March 4th 2021

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