Beware of deadly Vaxzevria& neverending booster shots...

Beware of deadly VaxZevria& neverEnding booster shots, like annual flu vaccines!
           By Abby Cantor
Does it matter to hide the truth when people are desperate to get any shot labeled "vaccine"?
Measles vaccine is made of a dead measles virus, which identifies the measles virus and stops it, hence permanently saves you from measles!
All so called sarscovid2 vaccines do not use the whole virus but a piece of it, which is injected to you & then it helps you to identify the sarscovid2 infection attacking & is supposed to cause creation of antigens for the purpose to stop it and save you for all your lifetime.
Wrong asumption & wrong expectation to be lifetime protected from sarscovid2 pandemic, because it fails, you get infected and you infect others.
Why does it fail to protect you lifetime and doesn't take you back to your past normalcy?
It's not a true vaccine but misrepresented as such, so its a political- vaccine/pseudo vaccine but it identifies sarscovid2& triggers secretion of antigens that may stop that piece of sarscovid2 virus!
The problem for this pseudo vaccine is, it can only aid you if its sarscovid2, but if after being vaccinated & someone asymptomatic snissess or coughs by you and she is a carrier of the english mutated pandemic or the SouthAfrican pandemic, you get infected by this english or Southafrican mutated pandemic virus, because your piece of sarscovid2 vaccine is useles to identify and stop the mutated English or SouthAfrican pandemic! Or you get infected by a Tanzanian Pandemic mutated pandemic, which has 10 strands of mutated viruses and quickly you get stomach&headaches& killing diahrreah& the pandemic quickly kills you with a cardiovascular failure
These pseudo-sarsCovid2 vaccines need semi-annual or annual boosters and you are not being told all the ugly truth of their limitations! On the contrary political vaccine makers hide the truth because they are wholesale salesmen, whose billonaire businesses can only survive if they make a significant profit at any cost, including your dying, they can hide their vaccine killed you, by stating you did not die because or their vaccine but any other possible cause.
So to protect themselves with a product liability of wrongful death of yours, they use deceitful marketing artifices which hide the falseness of their vaccine, like Aztraseneca owned by the English& Swedes&Oxford University.
Matter of fact the corporatists of Aztraseneca not wanting to be sued out of business from this zillonaire vaccine market, (as bad as Bayer and its cancerous glyphosate/RoundUp product), because in several coutries Aztraseneca pseudo vaccines have caused bloth cloth deads within 2 months.
Foreseeing theywill be banned from selling teir inefficient, unsafe and deadly vaccine, they are hiding behind a name change, for the purpose to relaunch its blood cloth causing vaccine, under a new brand name.
They figured it out in a world where there is already a vaccine scarcity market, desperate people who can't track name changes and bad vaccines, they can stop their vaccine death in the sales market by repackaging and renaming from Aztraseneca to Vaxzevria.
For this deception they needed gov accomplices and party politicians who will loose their seats because they ca't provide vaccines, so mutual salvation by making a secret deal.
The EU gov accomplices nor Vaxzevria vaccine maker care what happens to you, so they authorize it and Vaxzevria will be first given to poor countrues begging for vaccines and after these live- human guinea pigs who don't track their vaccine dead people, reinvented Vaxzevria will be marketed at the EU for 12 euros a vaccine.
As shown above these pseudo vaccines deal only with a sarscovid pandemic & are absolutely false against mutated pademic viruses. Its like at baby you need a baby shoe size, at 2 years of age, you need a different shoe size, etc. Conversely after sarscovid2 vaccine, you need a different vaccine for each different of countless mutating pandemic viruses.
To sum up, sarscovid2 psudo vaccine meeds many boosters and are useless against mutating pandemic viruses such as the english, brazilian or Tanzanian multiple mutated pandemics thst quickly infect, spread and kill you.
Even free, stay away from Vaxzevria because it may kill you with blood cloths before 2 months.
The biggest tragic genocide may be being perpetrated by good intentioned vaccine makers and govs, who already are making it compulsory vaccination, controlled by a bar on your phone or your passport, which means discrimination against over 7 billion NonVaccinated people in poor countries& developping countries by G20& BRICS RICH COUNTRIES!
Like my WWI grandparents that survived against the Spanish Flu epidemic, I & my family survived Nov 2019 sarscovid2! And after 21 days, we wore double covid masks, used frequently hand desinfectants& 3 mts social distance, kept us safe from getting reinfected by covid19 pandemic and continuing our daily activities undisturbed and pandemic free, will be a discriminated family for not having any vaccine on me, because with pandemic prevention I and my neighbors are safe and healthy and will certainly survive the mutated pandemic viruses because i still have my immune defenses, safe & untouched while you made the decision to become vaccinated by multiple vaccines, which will destroy irreversible your immune system and ultimatelly make you one in a billion casualties of these good intentioned but unsafe vaccines!
I will miss you dearly!
My grandmothet Vira, a spanish flu pandemic survivor, taught me the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and these unsafe vaccines are good intentions but deadly for humanity& you& irreversibly destroy your natural immune Defenses and you die very prematurely& leave orphans behind!

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