Blessed are the feet of the peacemaker!

Blessed are the feet of the peacemaker!

If you are a head of State & want to fund a nuclear race in space & multiple oil wars at once, you act as jury, judge, prosecutor & executioner at once and call your nuclear foe, "murderer" and when asked, "Do you believe Putin interfered in the elections" and you answer, " He is going to pay for it".
Its tantamount to declaring war, without any evidence, trial nor court finding a nuclear foe guilty and, " He is going to pay for it"

How can you endanger 333 million americans who most voted for you, when you've known since the cuban nuclear crisis we have been living under MAD/ Mutually assured Destruction, why do you humiliate us americans with a conduct unbecoming of a president, with insulting hate speech, rather than being a brinksman, a diplomat a peacemaker, a bridge builder and a living example of a peacemaker for our innocent children& grandchildren who already are having their future stolen with fossil pandemic and suffering under covid pandemic, hunger and economic hardships?
Not 8 billion of Navalnys are worth humanity's extinction nor worth an american life.
Please right the wrong and let's coexist reciprocally with everyone as Ytzack Rabin coexisted with everyone and Jack and Robert Kennedy saved us...can you learn from them and be the blessed peacemaker diplomat USA and Humanity needs nowadays?

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