Bolivian military have rendered useless their own 3 military laws...

Bolivian military have rendered useless their own 3 military laws, including FOMOL!

The army represent today's armed forces.
The Bolivian army has served colonial interests of a foreign power since its inception and has been occupying Bolivia and it's people and has been opressing the people to preserve latifundio and foreign domination.
After Spanish colonial exploitation was defeated and Bolivia proclaimed its independence in Gust 6th 1825, the spanish economic&political& religious classes of spanish domination under Casimiro Olaneta conspired, and rose in sedition& terrorism, making its first president Jose Antonio de Sucre, a military sedition victim and a military assassination victim in Berruecos, Chuquisaca, Bolivia.
Since then the judasSpanish classes have continued to control& opress indigenous Bolivians through their armed forces.
This is evidence by so many politicized judas spanish descendants continuing to use the armed forces to opress Bolivia and the people.
These mentioned classes who control the armed forces since 1825 to the present have not being puppets of any party on the contrary armed forces commanders have have continue to corrupt the armed forces to preserve their  white judasSpanish vested interests at any cost, and that has caused countless Military coups and since 1952 military civilian coups, to enhance Latifundio.
But you must remember since Simon Bolivar's assasination by Monroe& Andrew Jackson, the latter have continued to grow their influence in latin American armed forces and the Bolivian armed forces have fallen to it, and the assasinations of German Bush and Gualberto Villarroel, Rene Barrientos, Joawuin Zenteno Anaya are among countless victims.
These evidences showed after the Spanish Colonial crown fell in Castillian speaking  countries, the United States has been controlling the armed forces and civil contractors among latinAmericans,etc,  include Bolivians.
Among countless secret civil contractors which plagues latin american armed forces, specially Bolivia's, are the Reyes Villa, father and son, the Casanovas , the Vargas, the Torrelios, the Rios, etc.
Armando Reyes villa was one of the commanders during militsry dictator H Banzer's regime, who as a meaningless cadet of the army, over much qualified& seniority and higher ranked officers, the cadet Manfred was dedazo appointed and Manfred the cadet was recruited as a civil contractor and flown and attended the infamous school of the Americas in 1976.
Armando, his father was the armed forces commander in chief, who along with Torrelio executed the coup against senate elected interim president W Guevara and then along with Garcia Meza& Arce Gomez organized deadly paramilitary squads and executed the july 17th 1980's coup, which assasinated unarmed innocents and tortured and had them sleep in manure fields at the Miraflores headquarters and exiled many, among them Felipe Campos,
Nowadays the military and main media who have served and being paid in dollars as civil contractors, allege CroatBolivian Evo Morales bought out the military and violated the military organic law, etc and  persecutes & victimizes the armed forces officers.
But the evidence shows the Armed forces have not served Bolivia nor the peoe but served the spanish crown and even now serves the United States.
I am not criticizing if its good or bad, its simply the reality, including all bolivian presidents and evo was one of them.

The military's three laws have not being abused by Evo bc the evidence is, his own chief of the armed forces W Kaliman co n.v spured, seditious and terroristly rebelled and threw him out from the presidency.
The military has violated its own 3 laws, among them the FOMOL, and has genocided the people in Sacaba, Senkata, etc and now that these military civil contractors who genocided are being summoned& are arrested to answer before the law for violating laws, they blame everyone but themselves and under the excuse of FOMOL, want not to investigate those genocider commanders but protect them as they always have done under the colonial Spanish Crown& as civil contractors of the above foreign power.
Will they ever be accountable for their genocides or will they continue immune and impune as usual?
Only time and the facts will show us the truth!

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