Carlos Mesa G pacifier or a grave digger?

Open letter to
Carlos Mesa G
Re: Pacifier or a grave digger?
Dear Mesa:
You self praise yourself as a pacifier.
Killing unarmed indigenous and my little niece during Black  October 2003 with Goni& SDeLozadaBerzain, how can you call yourself a pacifier, in addition to having burned alive billions of live-animals& trees, then gave 10 million hectars of burned land to Latifundists 4 votes?
Pocketing money & starving bolivians but incompetent& cowardly resigning, how can you call that uniting and fighting for Bolivians?
Loosing elections in 2019 and alleging there was a fraud, you, DMedia,Anez, Camacho, the military& police executed a CoupD'etat, and then implanted Anez for president. How can you call it democraticly saving the country?
Endorsing your accomplice Anez's genocide by decree4078, genocided in Sacaba&Senkata, how can you call Anez a victim, when she was the victimizer of 36 unarmed, 400 wounded& 1600persecuted people& countless exiled. How come you do not condemn Anez, but make Genocider Anez, the victim?
You run again, against MAS party, alleging you were going to prove Octobetr 2019 there was fraud against you but after elections against MAS, you lost to the MAS candidate by a bigger percent for the second time in a row.
How come after looosing twice and multiple elections audits that concluded OAS' Almagro viciated his investigation and fudged the voting data and falsely accused MAS of voting irregularities. How come you keep repeating like a madman, fraud cost me the presidency, when the facts have overwhelmingly proven there was no fraud in 2019's election?
Either you are a magician or a fraudster suffering psycosis neurosis, megalomania and Altzheimer or all?
You allege Bolivia is in civil turmoil and you want to bring back pacification.
Well there is no turmoil, your rebellious civicos failed to have a conference and cause turmoil and save Covid19, Bolivia is living peacefully. Have you tried entering the Sucre Psychiatric ward, to pacify yourself?
You allege wanting to pacify Bolivia by giving immunity& impunity to genociders Anez, her cabinet, the military and police commanders, but the overwhelming mayority wants the genociders trialed, sentenced and serve lifetime their sentences without indult!
You cause people to feel pitty for you. You refuse to sum your party's assambly men to vote and reach 2/3, to stop any process against Anez for her crimes against humanity.
Have you forgotten Anez, you and her accomplices, were judge, jury, prosecutor and executioners of unarmed& peaceful antiCoup Protestors but executed them at Huayllani& Senkata?
Now you allege the overwheling mayority of Bolivians want her to be penally process and she has received multiple privileges, has lawyers, multiple doctors and whether shebisfoud guilty or acquited, that remains to be seen and is not in the government's hands but the penal court, so why you and your global employer of civil contractors like you, demand not to trial in Bolivia and not to be trial by a bolivian penal court but unconditionally released, so you not to trialed as a co- conspirator, Co- seditious who terrorized Bolivia, can again execute a new couo D'etat so you can become president?
Your own acts prove you are not a democrat nor a pacifier but a grave digger since Black October 2003 and the genocides of Black November 2019!
Listen to the people, who overwhelmingly want Jeanine Anez to be prosecuted& if you can not listen because you are totally gone & can't find your way home, then call the sucre psychiatric ward, so they can treat your senility& mad
ness & wearig a straight jacket can rest safely inside. And become one more president & King among the madmen craving for power and be above the law!
Domitila Mamani M
March 29 2021

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