Evo&Arce you are defeated in the regional elections!

Evo& Arce you are Defeated in the regional elections!

Except 2nd round between Santos Quispe& David Diaz, our political forecast were right: Winners Manfred Reyes Villa, Lucifer Camacho, Ivan Arias, Eva Copa& Camara won the Trinidad Mayoral office!
These preliminary results show a serious defeat for you Evo& Arce wisful desires to steam roll your oppositors, till  flattening them.
@ EvoEspueblo& @ LuchoXBolivia your mythical lies of being invencible are steam roll to dust, because we indigenous climate Defenders are majority! And your policies are harming us by your ongoing growth of feminicides & violence against women, Dec5. 2020 you rejected a total cuarentine for a year, you are genociding us with inefficient vaccines& covid starvation, unemployment, lawfare and burning 10 million hectares of forests for your accomplice Latifundists of Marcomarihuana& narcocasLatifundio in our national parks and buying votes  for burnt lands for your cattlemen& toxic transgenic oleaginosas Warwick-capitalists!
Jallalla # AMOR

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