Fend off against multiple pandemic mutating viruses?

When countries & people will listen to close their borders to fend off against multiple pandemic mutating viruses?

A vaccine is once a lifetime shot, then you are immune to that epidemic  but politically rushed vaccine sarscovid2 is not a vaccine but a shot to make you dependant of more shots, to enrich politicians like Sahim-Tureci, who invented his pseudo vaccine yet while he is pushed billions to his invented shot, as of this writing, they refuse to get the very shot they invented and market and enriched them at your cost and now they are going after your beloved child, with a child's politically rushed vaccine.
They are pushing for a vaccine passaport to force everybody to received not one shot but multiple unending sarscovid2 shot. This forceful vaccination will force discrimibatory segregation of Non- vaccinated people and retaliated against them to be forcefully interned in camps-of-forced labor and die by getting them infected through infected people. This was done already during WWII in forced- labor-Camps to 6 million innocents, under the excuse to save mayorities.

But the bigger potential genocide is against vaccinated people!

They made you believe& lied to you, once you get vaccinated with these political Sahim-Turecy-Phyzer, you are magically protected against sarscovid2 for life and you can go back to live as before the Pandemic.
Wrong, this is a false magic vaccine, because it doesn't immunize you for life. It only injects in you the first of countless shots making you believe further to come back twice/once a year to get the next shot which is believed will decrease the infection in you so the virus becomes weak.
In between the first shot within 2 months you can die for another illnes. The second shot weakens further your immune Antigens, and you may die
The third and forth shot may destroy completely the remainder of your immune defenses and you die or by miracle be incapacited but alive.
With so many booster shots, you certainly stand to die within a very short time.
Your widow or orphans have no bread provider, go to court to get wronful dead compensation for your death.
Surprise: your gov gave them immunity, you can't litigate the shot maker.
Your lawyer appeals and argues for comoensation for your wronful death!
the appeal court rules, plaintiff didn't showed the vaccine killed him/ her!
Your lawyer appeals to the supreme court. It rules, appelant willingly went to receive the sarscovid2 but died because of a mutation virus. Dismissed!
Your widow& orphans have no more money a d have suffered your unjust death and vaccine causing you death by cheating you it was supposevto immunize you against sarscovid2  and one shot does it all.
No one shot doesn't all and after your vaccination, you got pandemic infected and died and your dead for your family was not only harmful economically, etc but your life is lost uselessly ne ause like millions you believed the shot was a magic cure& weakened your natural immune system and fonally the first or the infection or the othet shots killed you, but uou would be alive, if you used desinfection, social distance& mask and your natural sustem would have saved you but these vaccines like Sahim- Tureci-Phyzer killed you, but simply doctors hid your cardiovascular deadly failure or your blood cloths was the result of the shot/shots!
Ordinary people like me, who was saved by my natural immune system from death bu sars covid 2, after I and my family survived the first infection, we continued wearing masks, using desinfectants and kept social distance and without any of these pseudo-magicvaccines
We'll be long live but our challenge will be to survive the Non- vaccinated prisoner, forced to forced-labor in these concentration camps while Sahim-Tureci& the likes, will continue to enrich with twice/once a year shots!

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