Jallalla AMOR!

Jallalla AMOR!

We women peaceful indigenous Climate Defenders facing a GodlyDeFactoLifetimePresident Evo Morales, overcoming our differences united behind 21F and defeated CroatCivilContractor mascarading IndigenousEvoMorales who doesn't even speak our indigenous languages!
But croat Evo made up lies& got his OAS Accomplice civil contractor Almagro and with his lie, " Pacto SanJose says my rights to be reelected are above the Constitution and the laws and everything" and he run unconstitutionally again but his civil contractor employer  dumped him and the latifundio croats from Santa Cruz flipped him over bc he was no more usable for burning forests and for latifundio after 14 years!And coward evo& Arce& their white politicians run away like chickens to embassies and overseas, abandoning us and our vanguard indigenous brothers& sisters were persecuted and genocided  by DS4078 Execution Decree, at Sacaba, Senkata, El Pedregal...but in the end in less than a year , we dindigenous climate Defenders election Defeated coup makers CivilContractors C Mesa, DMedina, Camacho, LopezAnezMurillo rosqueroPititasFascists by giving one last chance to coward fugitive LuchoArce and with our mighty vote against LatifundioArsonists&RoscaMiners we put in power LuchoArce after he promised to No more forest fires, Abrogate LatifundioGanaderoSoyero and a 100% Indigenous govCabinet& repatriate exilees to Bolivia! And on Dec5 asked him to totally Cuarentine Bolivia for at least a year but once in power, Arce betrayed us and said he doesn't need indigenous in cabinet, he won't abrogate latifundio, stop burning forests and kept his 14 year alliance with latifundioSoyeroGanadero,etc
We are indigenous climate defenders and after experiencing for 15 years this false govt of change is latifundio embedded with cattle men, transgenics , mining and oil, we decided to quietly crash Arce with our votes and now Arce&Evo are loosing badly in this upconing regional elections and our Bartolinas identified& denounced Evo as the DedazoDictator who excluded CivilContractor&CoupJustifier EvaCopa from being candidate 4 mayor of El Alto.
Santos Quispe Leads in the polls 4 LaPaz Gov candidate and Evo& Arce are dooming themselves and we indigenous climate defenders see this Arce gov is  destroying & burying  MAS with his wrong policies of SarsCovid2 Genocide, famine, forest fires, selling burned lands to cattlemen&mining  Latifundio, etc, reason why we are uniting the farm workers&
Urbanworkers and uniting it under
AntiLatifundioMining Mayority workers Revolution/AMOR to abrogate the old colonial epudemies of:
Racism, Latifundio cattlemen latifundio mining-Oil&carbon& Gas, patriachy, machism,etc
Jallalla AMOR
Jallalla indigenous & urban workers&The People& women!
Domi Mamami M
March4 2020

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