Legal and/or ilegal sales lead to biodiversity's extinction!

Legal and/or ilegal sales lead to biodiversity's extinction!

Captive breeding projects/farms allege they sale legally to stop extinction by ilegal poaching for foreign europeans customers and anglosaxons from the USA, who purchase them at bargain prices from poachers in the Amazons!
Both schemes of sale are bound to irreversibly extinct our american biodiversity!
How about you europeans sell your offspring or your retire parents as rare specimens?
You get mad and about to jump on who asks you that kind of hipothetical question but its exactly what you are doing by tearing living amphibian families and having pleasure not only at purchasing them but extincting them and or don't care to make many or all those species extinct as long as you can parade your exclusive encased rare frogs to your exclusive social circle of friends and don't give a penny the pain you are inflicting in those torn families of living beings or humanity, which adversely affects the amphibians and ecosystems.
Every species have a unique or multiple purposes among biodiversity and without natural ecosystems& biodiversity of flora and fauna our chances to fight off different and multiple pandemics which require antibiotic, decrease and humanity decreases its chances to survive pandemics and illnesses.
Please join in the preservation of amphibians by not purchasing them and protect your local biodiversity, which we all need in order to survive as oil, carbon and fracking gas threatens to decimate and extinct us in few years. Support initiatives to replace oil,carbon and gas for solar and vegan here and now and not in 2035 or 2050 or 2060, bc by then we'lll be made extinct or mear extinction and your children and grandchildren won't ever forgive us our weakness for deadly fossil fuel, carbon and fracking gas, because methane bonds to oxygen in air& bobds to oxygen in water and water and toxic air cause us cancers bc, every breath we take oer second is a methane bonded with oxygen and that deadly poison through the years produces in our body, cancers and recurrent cancers and the toxic food we are gubbling has also deadly consequences via contaminated  soil, water and air.

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