Mr. Jose Miguel Vivanco

Mr Jose Miguel Vivanco HRW

Re: J Anez& A Murillo coup& kidnapping of 5 High Value Detainees
Mr Vivanco HRW:
You demand the release of Anez.
She co-lead the Coup of 2019 with military- civil sedition groups because she and her accomplices coerced congressmen to resign to make possible the succession to the presidency and hid the word, " Coup D'etat" through the media she controlled by money and terror!
She self appointed& autoproclaimed President of Bolivia& her  co- conspirator& co seditious & co-terrorist military& police commanders put the presidential sash on her and not the Bolivian congress, who she blocked and locked out until she consumated her Coup D'etat
In Riberalta we were unemployed due to her Coup and government&
so many of our 135K citizens were starving. Desperate to feed our children, peacefully we expressed our freedom of speech, requesting her government to provide food for our starving family and as we were peacefully marching chanting for gov food help for our starving children, violently with deadly force Anez' & Murillo's police assaulted us with weapons of war, tear gas, batons, etc
We tried to escape and save ourselves but their forces took us prisoners and hooded us and kidnapped us secretly to Guyaramerin, then to La Paz the central gov city. They framed us with multiple false charges and cruel and inhuman abused our humanity!
Our families and Riberaltenos didn't know our kidnapped whereabouts.
We were 5 victims of the USA's High Value Detainee policies in Bolivia, executed by their secret civil contractors J Anez, Arturo Murillo.
Among the cruel& inhuman abuses we suffered was threatenig us to make us permanently disappear, being taken nude pictures not only for their sexual deviance appetites but to blackmail us and make them public, accusing us of many things, charging us for terrorism, simply for asking publicly food supplies for our starving Riberalteno families. We were denied legal counsels & sleep deprived, subjected to being kept nude in cold weather at the wee hours of the night. It caused us Post traumatic stress disorder and some of us, were coerced to declare ourselves guilty as charged, go lie and accept their framed charges that we were paid by MAS and imposed on us to plead guilty, in exchange of a speedy abreviated trial. The rest of us 5 HVD were incarcerated for 8 months but Anez Gov never proved a single of the multiple charges they framed us for, such as terrorism. We never had had any weapon nor we terrorized anyone.Our sole crime was to bilieve in the Bolivian constitution& the charter of the UN and the charter of OAS, but found out the hard way, we didn't have those rights according to the Bolivian government human right abusers. One of the rights Anez Gov denied us, was denyal of medical attention and denyal of transfer to a medical clinic, even though we were exposed by the gov during our unjust incarceration to covid19 and were closed to dying due to what their torture- interrogator did us! Over a d over Anez& Murillo gov denied us the rights enunerated in the charter of human rights of the UN, OAS, the Bolivian constitution! And what us more schoking under threats of death and further incarceration, we peaceful innocent riberalteno benianos,were coerced to sign blank forms, which were used against us & against MAS, which only later when we finally reaches Riberalta found out /
They had used. But they were all false& malicious and we denounce these fabrications today in BTV, to our countrymen and to whoever processes abuses of human rights during the Anez Gov of Nov2019 to late October 2020!
You foreign Anez' defenders,  may continue repeating to yourself lies, till you are blue on the face and demand for Anez countless privileges she never gave us and denied us all. But it doesn't change the fact, we bolivians suffered a military-civil CoupD'etat by Anez Nov2019, and that she committed genocide by Decree 4078 in Sacaba& Senkata ordering the material genocide of 36 indigenous, 400wounded, 1600 she& Murillo persecuted politically and countless bolivians like me were subjected by your United States' High value Detainee policies of cruel& inhuman violations by your civil contractors Jeanine Anez, Arturo Murillo, Fernando Lopez...and we 5 surviving victims are alive to testify& demand justice& reparations& punitive damages against these master minds& their material accomplices who subjected like animals to cruel& inhuman physical& psycological torture in the name of democracy& you demand no justice for us victims, but inconditionally dropping Anez- Coimbra-Guzman's charges.
Anez terrorized us, conspired and seditiously took power without being elected like j Guaido made president by USA& accoplice UE, without congress approving by Nov12th 2019 evo's and the cogressmen's resignations and the agravatedfact that the TCP didn't have the constitutional power to name her president nor named senator Anez president, because the military- police imposed it, after causing evo's resignation and threatening him. Nor the TCP ruled for her to become president since nov 12th, nor there is any legal-auto or verdict for her. All there is is a comunique from TCP but a comunique is not a compelling verdict, but a non-binding individual opinion!
No, we victims want justice here and now, because we don't want more coups by your secret civil contractor like Anez, Camacho, ReyesVilla. NO more victims if they are tried and sentenced and serve their sentence as everybody, then we will have democracy, accountability for Human rights cruel & unusual violations! And not like you, in the name of your privatelly funded NGO HRW, who wants to perpetuate by making Criminal genociders& abusers of human rights, immune and impune in the name of a false- democracy without the rule of law, transparency, acountability& fairnes, just because they are your moneyed elirist white breed of people, who perpetuate it for you, to keep your privileges above the lawz!
anez& her co-culprits of genocide have high privileges like a medical room with all medical equipment, doctors, lawyers and you demanding her impunity, privileges we indigenous victims were denied& were denied by Anez& Murillo: Human rights!
Ruth Xilenia Cortez
Marzo 26th 2021

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