Oil, carbon& gas pandemics are causing climate refugees...

Oil, Carbon & gas pandemics are causing climate refugees, to migrate, to survive!

This is the second year, my peach trees have bloomed flowers in late winter and just yesterday lost them for the second year in a row, their blooming flowers, which means I won't have peaches in late spring or the summer and like last year, this current year I will not have peaches to donate to 2500 families, who need fresh fruits during covid pandemic and its heart breaking for the second year, the little ones won't have peaches unless they are well to do!
This is not only a climate emergency but climate catastrophe reality, because the seasons are deteriorating and overheating weather and drought is becoming permanent, for the second year in a row having no fruits are the hard reality, due to oil, carbon and gas pandemics, causing climate catastrophe!
This means famine will increase not only in developing and under- developed countries but in G7 countries and BRICS, for unemployed middle class and lower class.

What war& famine do globally to middle and lower classes is for them to migrate to G7 countries. But these migrations are small but since big polluting G7&BRICS countries refuse to abrogate oil, carbon and gas pandemics, large significant masses of climate catastrophe refugees will be forced by the need to survive, to migrate to G7& BRICS countries.
If you don't want them in your G7&BRICS countries, abrogate oil,carbon&gas emissions to eliminate climate catastrophe here and now and not in year 2030, 2035, 2050 or 2060, because that's too little too late and your pitiful carbon tax can't even plant back trees, least feed billions of climate catastrophe, who will be forced to seek political asylum in G7 & BRICS countries due to being persecuted by their own govs and gangs.
Why by their govs?
Because peaceful climate defenders, climate
protectors and social activists who protest, will be persecuted by their govs to silence them.

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