Open Letter-answer to David Inca&Paul Coca&Oscar Ortiz, C Toranzo& Diego Ayo.

Open Letter-answer to David Inca&Paul Coca& Oscar Ortiz, C Toranzo& Diego Ayo, regarding your publication in pagina siete 03/24/21
Dear sirs:
I am an oppositor to Arce and Evo because they as well as your extreme right wing govs of the past, excluded us and denied us an indigenous cabinet and still they as well as MesaAnez- Camacho cattlemen support Latifundio& burnt the forests& increased feminicides. I am not a party for or against Anez and her guilty finding or acquital is of no use to me. I write this answer to your misguided and false narrative of a vacuum of power  due to
olunteer resignations  to erase from history and reality the Anez nov 12th 2019's Coup D'etat, because only the facts must lead us to the truth!
You sirs politicized the case of Anez- Coimbra-Guzman's ongoing penal processes but I will start with the DELAY for victims of Anez's genocide by her signed DS4078, AKA GenocideByDecree.
The DELAY for unarmed-peaceful protestors Genocided victims at Sacaba& Senkata is due to Anez' terror Gov from the moment she was escorted by her infamous terror military& police and the rebel military comander in chief cued Anez to self proclaim herself as presidential succesor, after her troops blocked congress from meeting in their congressional building, and while the comander of the armed forces imposed on Anez the presidential sash sorrounded by troops inside and outside, not to denounce Anez's sophisticated military-civil Coup D'etat, reinvented as a deceitful aparent peaceful succesion, most bolivians who have experienced countless deadly military Coups honkered in their basements, afraid to be killed and/or arrested! Yet a small percent of in digenous protestors were trying but failed to overcome the armed military& police and were locked out for the succesful consumation of Anez's coup D'etat!
Anez signed her terrorist murder decree 4078 against the unarmed and peaceful indigenous people of Bolivia and unleashed her armed terror from her first week in power by granting blanket immunity and impunity to her terror military and police and by
Anez's paramilitary dead squads embedded in both forces.
Anez terrorist acts unleashed& crashed civilian resistance since the genocide in Sacaba and Senkata. In the latter by an mechanized/armored regiment. And in the former against indigenous who had not even flags and were deceived by them to wait but then as they stood as immobile targets, were coldy ambushed like vietcong insurgents in Vietnam and shot from helicopters and from the ground!
36 were executed, 400 wounded and 1600 politically persecuted by Anez terrorist gov, while her media misrepresented her as the pseudo saviour president, allegedly saving democracy.
Since them few dared to openly protest against Anez and journalists were threatened with dead threats by her spokeswoman Roxana Lizarraga, and silenced the media!
Where were you JM Vivanco& L Almagro& you D. Inca and you consultor Paul Coca and you Jeanine Anez and tou Oscar Ortiz, not to stop these executions of unarmed indigenous civilians!
Matter of fact, in December 2020 were filed legal complaints for the genocides at Sacaba& Senkata but it was Anez and Murillo and her military and judicial authorities who for almost a year DELAYED and made these genocides by Anez Genocide decree 4078, a turtle investigation!
And few indigenous fruit producers seeing people unemployed and starving&dared to feed them but were unconstitutionally  imprisoned for feeding their starving brethren! And the genocide legal cases of Sacaba and Senkata were D'facto DELAYED and made belly up BY THE ANEZ D'FACTO REGIME!
Arce came and resurrected the prosecution against not 2 bands, because from the onset, there was only one band with guns who genocided the innocent unarmed indigenous victims and that was the regime of Anez.
Arce signed agreements for the state of Bolivia with IGIE and with CIDH and it is in IGIE and CIDH's hands as to when they conclude their investigations! 
Until then the Bolivian Public ministry is handtied, because those investigations will save time, money and legal arguments for the accused and/ or against the accused in regarda to Sacaba and Senkata genocides!
In re Terrorism, conspiracy and sedition by the Regime of Senator Jeanine Anez against the president, VP, the senate president& the house assambly speaker:
As a mediocre senator waiting at the bottom of the line of presidential succession, constitutional&legally& statistically Anez had zero, zero&less than 20% chance to become nominated and approved as succession president. Compounded with her foreign power employer, Erick Foronda, L Almagro from the OAS, TutoQuiroga,Lopez, Camacho, Justiniano,CONADE,MESA, Doria Medina, the military and police&Centellas from the CEB, the Genocide Decree 4078, 36 victims, 400 bullet wounded, 1600 hundred persecuted victims,  the evidence points against Anez dictatorial Regime.
In order to be acquited, Anez&Cabinet would need to destroy evidence& kill witnesses against them
& kill military & police comanders or convince the latter, it's a prisoner's dilemma of zero sum gain for all of them, that is for all of these terrorist, conspirator and seditious gangs to stick together to either swim or sink together& that's statistically impossible unless you buy out Anez coaccussed acomplices to sell out the rest of their lives for an enormous amount of money and knowing the psicology of the accused, it's an extremely iffy and likely a No-No, because the co- accused can bargain a simbolic jail term in exchange to tell the truth against the ring leader, for after all it was she, Murillo and Lopez who incited to proceed with their global employer's advice  making backwards Bolivia a combat zone& to fight a vietnamese guerrilla execution warfare and tactical operations: DS 4078 and execute the victims in Sacaba& Senkata, to quash the National indigenous resistance to the Coup& then rule by terror, which is what Anez did, because even the opposing media, capitulated and became silenced to the reign of Anez' terror regime!
Evo, Garcia, Salvatierra& Borda resigned under threat of direct and/or implicit assasination threats!
Salvatierra resigned the presidential succession, to save their lives& make her case before the assambly to nominate and aprove a MAS succesor: Victor Borda!
Victor Borda resigned to save his kidnapped and tortured sibling in the hands of Anez' paramilitary kidnappers.
Senator Anez& her co-conspirators and co-sedition accomplices decided that afternoon of Nov12,   2/3 MAS was going to quash their coup by approving Borda but after Borda resigned his right to succession, Salvatierra was going to nominate and approve another MAS congressman and having eavesdropped Salvatierra's phone& plan to quash the coup of Anez, the latter was ordered to rush and self proclaim the president and she asked assurances and got assurances from her accomplices to block Salvatierra from entering the Assambly/congress building, until after she autoproclained herself before mediacameras, with which the coup succeeded bc Salvatierra and her 2/3 overwhelming congressmen never got in and never met to nominate and aprove a MAS congressman as presidential successor!
To conclude Evo, Garcia, Salvatierra& Borda have a very sound theory& multiple facts for the charges of terrorism, conspiracy and sedition by Anez, Coimbra, Guzman... but, there a big but, that is these accussed civil contractors's global employer is getting them to be cohesive to deny their party's congressional votes to quash the victims efforts to get 2/3 votes so congress can authorize what is known as Responsibility trials, so is uphill to ever punish them and that exposes Bolivia to further future immune& impune genocides, Coups&  political inestability!

Domitila Manani M
March 24 2021

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