Open letter to Luis Arce, re: Need immediate Quarantine In Bolivia!

  Open letter to L Arce
Re:Since Dec5 2020 u refuse Quarantining Bolivia
Dear Luis:
I am not benefitting whether you win or lose your battles in the multiple fronts.
I am seriously concerned on your misguided policies & understand you are pittifully educated as a magistrate in Economics at Warwick College.
We are retired college faculty and have been trying to help you swim in the sea of incompetence& perils your government faces& tries to swim without much success.
In simple words, try to educate you:
1) on Dec5 2020 Dr Felipe Campos advised and requested to you, to cuarentine Bolivia until Dec5 2021, you refused& kept him exiled. You chose PIB growth instead of quarentening Bolivia and have 20K dead and half a million pandemic infected victims and this has the potential to decimate the People of Bolivia and the fall of your government for this serious error and multiple misguided policies such as feminicides, burning the forest& desertification& permanent drought and upcoming famine.
2)Current so called sarscovid2 vaccines are not vaccines but genetic strands of sarscovid2 that identify sarscovid2 and try to stop its replication. But vaccinated people can get infected and infect others and infection takes place because lab created sarscovid2 evades being identified by identifiers of the pseudo-vaccine and they become known as mutant pandemic viruses, which renders the vaccine and the vaccinated person in victims, useless and impotent to stop their deads.
In sum humanity needs fore very mutant pandemic virus, a new different  vaccine because there is no magic vaccine that immunizes permaently, that will take us back to economic normalcy of the past. Virologists call these different vaccines that will be invented, " boosters vaccines" and like annual flu vaccines, people are going to become vaccine addicts/dependents of twice/once a year needing booster vaccines in order to keep living! But these boosters vaccines open a pandora box: potential death of your natural Immune System and without it, any meaningless infection can kill you because you have no more the natural immune system to defend you, as opposed to Non- vaccinated people like me, whose immune syysten save me from infection in 21days& now have intact the efficient immune system that destroys infections and as my grandparents from 1918, who survived the deadly pandemic Spanish flu without vaccines, I will survive by health prevention: covid19' mask, desinfectant, keep 3 mts social distance and I don't need any vaccine!
3)Aztraseneca shot produces dead by blood cloths within 2 months & still is banned in many european countries for that very reason.
4)Besides immediate quarentine of Bolivia, SEDES needs to drill in citizens' minds, vaccine doesn't immunize you against all new mutating pandemic viruses/Nuevas Cepas, need to keep 3 mts social distance, mask, etc.
5)Until Lula replaces Bolsonaro& Bachelet defeats Pinera, beware &do not put all your eggs on their basket, because Bolsonaro& Pinera colluding with the Bolivian CEB,ANAPO, Jubileo, OAS&USA& the EU will live off you& continue to intervene in the domestic affairs of Bolivia and you may find yourself as Nicolas, economically sanctioned unjustly & another disguised Coup D'etat may blow your wind pipe, as Anez did to Evo and their controlled media sell the lie that is not a coup but the people who placed a new transitional/interim government for the good of democracy, euphemistically alleging they can't keep a vacuum of power, etc.
So expand ypur  markets with Asia in order to survive their  economic sanctions/ economic lawfare.
6) Do not let any alleged independent Human rights organizations investigations whether or not the coup makers of Nov12th 2019 made a coup, because the Monroists used these 3rd parties and their only prurpose is to clear them out of their crimes against humanity and once they clear them, they colluding with their civil contractors and muktuoke NGOs already inside Bolivia, will disburse and execute through their graduates of the school of the Americas within the ranks of the FFAA, another coup and commit swift "neutralization of communists", etc
So step up the legal sentencing of those involved in the coup of nov12th 2019, to send a message and set the legal precedent, anyone conspiring and seditiously committig terror, the Bolivian justice has them serve their stiff 30 years to life sentences without right to indult!
It will be a deterrence!
Good luck and hope you will act in the right direction!
Domitila Mamani M
March 27 2021

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