Stop Kidnapping rape& murder of women in Bolivia and beyond!

Stop Kidnapping rape&murder of women in Bolivia&beyond!

There is no civilized country that has not experienced the anguish, pain& post traumatic stress disorder of kidnappings, rapes & cold& premedidated murders of helpless female victims!

Bolivia has barely 12 million citizens but the 8% of victims by the misogenist, patriarchal, machist colonial latifundio bride stealing vices continue to shock the conscience in Bolivia and throughout the world.
What do these so called cristianized, civilized nations have preached is complete opposite to what reality show us, despite their good intentioned enacted laws to deter these barbaric crimes, govs are demogogue deceitful asses, that perpetuate these crimes, which happens elsewhere without exception, regardless of calling themselves socialists, revolutionaries or american values or capitalists!
Religion is the teacher of incest, bridestealing, rapes, murders of victims.
Take cristianity its old testament describes specific incest, rapes& murders, even by their so called godly chosen ones. Judas sons are incestuos with their mothers, they marry incestually to keep their blood lineage. King David did it, Juda's son did it, and these heinous crimes fall into the new testament:
1)The blood lineage of Jesus is incestuos:
Mary comes from the incestuous mariage of niece Ruth and her uncle Boaz
And Mary begets from sperm of the king, baby Jesus, but 4 gospel writers allege god laid her and therefore the bastard poor child is tainted but washed out as the sacred son of god by victorious murder-saint Atanasius during Eusebius Pope the product of the nicean creed fabricated by men with yarmulkas.
Whether its right or wrong you tell me.
But I Domi Mamani M i'm not here to trash women.
I am here to denounce cristianity teaches washed out lies, washed out during 3 millenium and over 2k different versions of bibles and all claimed to be written by god.
Would a good god write those heinous crimes and teach them as holly?
You tell me!
The fact is the bible is the evil book and their created god is evil but worshipped as holly?
Or is it evil bible writers who washed it out & imperially taught them?
You tell me!
Maria is alleged to be holly but she has no husband bc Josephus/ Joseph is a machist patriarchal father divine god who takes the shape of a holly dove and impregnates Mary
You see greek white lies/myths describe god being a swan to copulate a virgin.
Whether a dove or a swan/Zeus raped the virgin/Leda and the godly rapist wrote it as a dove fathering Jesus through Mother Mary.
Later Jesus when adult to fulfill the mandated marriage before becoming a preacher, he married Mary, described as the canaan wedding
And was divdnely married to a few years older Mother Mary who had no husband but the evil bible writers washed out their marriage by making Mary of Magdala to alkege is a different Mary, but it was Jesus elder Mother Mary but the gospel writers washed it out to fabricate Mary the young. But these bible writers added  a new version, which is the resurection where they washed out his older wife Mary by adding, " younger Mary reached before Mary Mother and seeing the sepulcre empty asked, Lord what have you done to my madter, tell  me where you took him?
I am
And mary wanted to touch him
Mary don't touch me for i haven't ascended to my father yet"
So the writers keep changing and changing the stories written till it became a ceptabke to their washed out saintified patriachal interests and they had 3vmillenium to do so and they are still making changes as i write these lines, denouncing the old institutions of abuse: Patriarchy, machism and  male narcissism!

So why don't we all humans abrogate religion the bad teacher of the above heinous crimes?
Because elite men don't want to end them bc without subjugating women, the church falls, the patriarchal govs fall, the corps fall, the male elites fall, so they pass good intentioned lame laws that can't dent those evil institutions named above, bc without them women would dump the vices that please men and perpetuate their male power& male interests.
What needs to deal immediately is for LuisArce& congress to make available the means to protedt women& enforce law 348& end the teaching of religion in churches& universities& govs and for all the govs to pump 100 fold money to enforce the laws mean to protect women from the evil of those vices practice by men in power!
Domi Mamani M
March 5th 2021

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