The ides of March...!

4 months incarceration for Dictator Anez: The ides of March arrives to Bolivia!
        By Domi Mamani M
Former Dictator Jeanine Anez implies because she is employed as a civil contractor, she has the right to extraordinary privileges, whether Evo& Arce like it or not, in the first penal trial she & her former cabinet face in Bolivia!

Her ordinary penal pretrial is for crimes of conspiracy, sedition& terrorism as a second Senator VP& is separate from other 4 other trials committed in her capacity as a Defacto President for 11 months and another trial for crimes against humanity in Sacaba, Senkata genocides committed by her & her cabinet(responsibility trials while Anez was a Defacto president) is about to materialize against her!
Due to inculpatory evidence& witnesses to her crimes of conspiracy, sedition& terrorism is likely she may get convicted! But this is not a trial against the former conspirator, seditious& terrorist accussed Anez, bc she did it as a colluder& retaliator& in her privileged position of being a foreign civil contractee as Defacto President of Bolivia, and the Bolivian media, the OAS affiliated Interamerican Society Press, the OAS& her global mighty civil contractor who employees her as a secret civil contractor have unequal muscle& nerve& global financial power to sink the already tumbling frail gov of EvoLuis Arce, with economic sanctions, economic embargo& lastly intervention by multiple armed forces or simply intervening it alone, for which the Bolivian gov is ill prepared& already tumbling after  March 7th regional elections defeat& half a million pandemic infected victims& 50kvictims, 20% unemployment, 5% annual inflation, covid famine, 10 million hectars forest fires, etc! 
Plus most marihuanaLatifundio cattlemen are disenfranchised with  15 years of puppet Evo&Arce gov, already facing a highly polarized Bolivia and upcoming multiple blockages by multiple civics organizations, doctors strikes... which are about to start this monday march 15th 2021.

This ordinary penal trials are taking place and Anez has enjoyed her civil contractor privileges, evidenced by having had open access to media, has been granted public open court hearings and the trial court's penal judge has judicially ordered for her to wait as every bolivian waits a pretrial detencion at Obrajes jail among  ordinary female marihuana gang bangers, but shorter pretrial detention compared to 5 or 10 years incarcerated poor bolivians who wait while incarcerated, their day in court!
The ides of March are about to fall and blody Bolivia.
If convicted, Civil contractor Anez may never serve 30 years of prison, because her global civil employer is not ever been defeated and while Anez has the protection of her mighty global employer, it's unlikely she may serve 30 years or even a single year, compared to pariah Narco gov Garcia Meza& Arce Gomez who fell from grace from their mighty global civil contractor! Isolated both Garcia& ArceGomez were serving 30 years.
Rich Venezuela has not been faring well after these economic sanctioned years and poorer Bolivia may not last a decade economic, the warfare or 3 years economic embargo, so we conclude with a modest wait and see and let the facts& the verdict time, fall where they may!

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