The Storm of violence threatens Bolivia (Part3)

The Storm of violence threatens Bolivia! (Part3)

NarcoMarihuanosLatifundists are using their global contractor's muscle power...
And are turning not only National media but international media to rally behind their civil contractor Jeanine Anez&her cabinet with a made up victimizatio of theirs before NarcoCocalerosLatifundists lead by Evo&Arce and purposefully forgetting NarcoMarihuanaLatifundist Anez grossly violated the constitution, signed genocide by decree, which unconstitutionally immunized & impunized the military& police, who cold blodedly and with premeditation assassinated dozens and wounded about 500 & imprisoned& tortured over 1600 unarmed& peaceful life protectors for being indigenous protestprs against the Coup D'etat and even Antonio Gutterres is batting for them, besides OAS' lynch mobber Almagro the leader of said No  2019 coup.

I have no simpathy for forest arsonists Evo Morales& L Arce, who at present are genociding them by refusing Cuarentine since Dec 5 2020& with deadly Aztraseneca unsafe vaccines which are banned in Europe and we indigenous women oppose within MAS Evo& Arce's dedazos but we hsve no empathy for Genocide Anez and her cabinet, either bc all of them cause an ongoing increase of feminicides& exile Innocent Mallku Felipe Campos for 15 years, simply bc he demanded dec 5th 2020 strict cuarentine and latifundio abrogation and an indigenous cabinet and funds to stop feminicides.
As i write this, Bolivia is on the verge of its sanitary system after half a million are pandemic infected& 50K were covid killed bc arce refused to quarentine Bolivia and the brazilian open border is bringing in the deadly brazilian mutant pandemic and with it plus the increased polarization& confrontation with the global civil contractor and the NarcoMarihuanos of Mesa, DoriaMedina, T Quiroga, Camacho, Arias&Anez and the ongoing lower police insubordination the 940 days for ArceGov to fall off is being sped up by the Ides of March either as soon as Black April or BlackOctober 2021
And their political fight is slowly gaining momentum and a dark horizon is threatening with shadows of violence. It is said coloquially when the heavy rain is about to begin" its smelling like urine, shit like shall rain and washed them away"!
It is unjust for indigenous women& men who comprised the overwhelming majority but are unarmed, to become unaceptable victims of the crossfire between  the narcoMarihuanosLatifundists of Mesa, D Medina, Camacho, Anez vs the NarcoCocaleros of Evo& Arce
May these feuding sides calm down and common sense prevail bc Bolivia and its people have so much to loose like their health, life, families, trillions of dollars in litium, gold...

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