There are no leaders but failed narcissistic caudillos in Bolivia!

There are no Leaders but failed narcissistic caudillos in Bolivia!

In 2015 exiled by Evo& GarciaL, Mallku Felipe Campos invited C Mesa, Doria Medina, R Costas, Leyes, A Oliva, R Paz, LF Camacho a formar UNO con una reciprocidad rotacional de mando en los 3 poderes del estado y el TSE, para electoralmente derrotar al IPSP-MAS.
The answer was "On the condition I will be the president" each of these chieffs of parties demanded and were adamant about it, with which they buried the goal to make a united UNO front!
He then wrote to middle rank heads within MAS and repeated the offer he gave to te opposition but this time was MAS: A pledge for Bo more feminicides, do not burn our flora& fauna& I give will not be the President if we can all agree with a reciprocal rotation of power in the 3 branches of power& TSE and chose by casting the dice, ourpresidebtial candidate for elections.
Most answered they wanted Evo to remain president. Mallku Felipe said that's inhumanly impossible bc Evo is more liability along with his IPSP and the constitution forbids it& ultimatelly Morales will fall and injure badly MAS. "You don't need imposition from IPSP, by yourselves as MAS, we can run MAS in power indefinitelly if we agree to reciprocal rotation of power bc Evo, GarciaL, Quintana Sacha Lorente of IPSB the judas mafia, is going to destroy MAS with more Latifundio, Dedazos & use us indigenous as pawns, and won't ever give us our indigenous Cabinet because they want cabinets and power for snowhites-themselves alone and they will give us dogs' bread crumps..."
They refused and be sentenced, "Extreme right and moderate right wing IPSP- MAS suffer a narcissistic caudillo complex syndrome". Mallku Felipe's reciprocal rotation of power which implies young leadership& no burning flora and fauna remained unfeasable yet for 6 years now!
As of March 25th 2021 Extreme right wing parties have fulfilled Mallku Felipe's prophetic axiomstic truth: Each of these opposition narcissistic caudillos believes in his divine right to the presidency and IPSP is imposed and brainwashed MAS: Evo, GL, Quintana, Lorente...are indispensable and the result has been a polarization and confrontation of NarcoMarihuana extreme right wingers of the opposition vs NarcoCocaleros center right wingers, but the Latifundists civil contractors are the only benefitted party, regardless who is in power, because Latifundio in Santa Cruz, Beni, untouchable since the Spanish crown to the present year 2021, take the example of the Marinkovic clan. Before Evo had latifundio Haciendas, during Anez Dictatorship added its Latifundio& legalized owning even a state lake within its land hold and Arce is protected and enhances Oriental latifundio in Santa burning 10 million Hectars (for votes) of millenial forests and extincting rain, water...flora& fauna and irreversible desertification& droughts and ibdebtig Bolivia with dry damns and electric plants because without trees, there is no water, no oxygen no life, no electric power but abandoned miles of electric wires and dry hydroelectric plants and hydrodamns like in India and unpayable debts and famine is on the way along with a third covid wave ad coutess mutating pandemic viruses, which are going to banrrupt the bolivian state and its people, bc same as Anez, Arce keep refusing since Dec 5th 2020 to protect Bolivians with an strict quarentine till Dec 2021!

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