To JMVivanco

Mr @ JMVivanco HRW, foreign agent NGO:
@JeanineAnez Decreeted @ GenocideByDS4078
Arce didn't!
Anez ordered 36 executions, 400 wounded &1600 persecutions w/o any trial, if that is not terrorism, resurrect the unarmed, innocent genocided victims!
Arce didn't kill!
Where were you that you didn't stop Anez?
Anez was judge,jury, prosecutor& executioner of unarmed innocent indians!
Arce Didn't!
Anez gave no medical asistance, visits to her victims and killed Patricia Hermosa's baby, by denying her and her unborn baby medical attention!
Arce gave it all plus privileges only she gets them!
Anez self proclaim president w/o congress& along with her military and police killed & wouded ad persecuted innocent indians& denied them ventilators&vaccines against Covid19!
Arce was elected & installed by Congress& provides ventilators&Vaccines!
You don't care for indian victims bc you are an incorregible racist like Almagro& have the habit to interfere in a foreign country to keep immunr and impune white Jeanine Anez, racist like you!
Arce doesn't interfere in your country& brings justice to indians, sadly like Almagro you defend your fellow racist civil contractor Anez, a genocider! #InfamousAndRacist JMVivanco where is your glory & moral authority?
Domi Mamani M

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