To trial or not to trial genociders in your own country?

To trial or not to trial genociders in your own country?

Time to make decisions before the ones who talk, talk, talk but violate human rights in their own countries after having comitted genocide after genocide since they emigrated& colonized & stole lands of indigenous American owners and invaded countries to steal their oil& natural resources and economically enslave them!
Those countries that talk, talk, talk of racial equality, reciprocity& respect to sovereingty& self determination but their acts show the contrary! That is, they impose through servile international organizations!
The global employer wants to interven in all coutries domestic affairs, through false independent investigations through their lynch mob OAS servile organization, to extricate their coup makers& genocider dictators who coldly signed genocide-decrees and repeatedly genocided their own people through their indoctrinated military and police trained to assassinate any leader who disagrees with the global employer's economic lawfare& imposition of narcodictators& narcomarihuana cattle women from the Media Luna latifundist- separatist& their military and police genociders!
Time for countries to leave lynch mob OAS, that has a history of invasions& coups against their own member Countries, who disagree with the global employer who enslaves countries under the mask of a pseudodemocracy, that every time reeks more of corporatism that gases people to death with genocider Greenhouse gases, as they gased to death in WWII to 6 millon unarmed innocent people and got compensated unjustly these corporations!

If you choose to be servile and submit to your master global employer and give up your sovereingty& self respect, know, once these domestic genocider-civil contractors, are imune and impune along the military and police genociders, they will give you the thank you: Snother Coup D'etat and another genocides of your people, because you taught them you forgave their past genocides and know if they genocide you, they will be free, because if there is no country that wants to stand to the bully self appointed& false police of the globe, who globally contracts civil contractors to continue enriching themselves! And since there is no trial in their own country but a false investigation by busy body outsiders, these genociders will be cleared and they will continue their vicious cycle of Coups and genocide the people countlessly again and again immune and impune!
Eirher you lock them as you trialed them in your own country &lock them as your country locked in Chonchocoro to GarciaMesa- ArceGomez or if you don't trial them in your own country know these genocider- culprits will execute another coup and torture and leave to die in hidden& locked prisons for not having the courage to trial them in your own country and you will be a genocide victim, which is what these global employer did to indigenousAmerican victims& stole they indigenous lands and stole their American continent's name for themselves!

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