We indigenous celebrate Mother Earth's water day!

March22th, we indigenous celebrate Mother Earth's water day!

It was in the water war in Cochabamba Bolivia, along with the Oliveras, when we fought the earliest water war, body to body for multiple months against corporatist fascist Bechtel-Banzer-TutoQuiroga
Evo came and stole our water war's victory and from  2006 to 2019, evo burn our rain makers: forest trees for Latifundio!
Mesa burnt 10 million hectares of trees 4 Latifundio!
Evo burnt 10 millon hectars of trees4 Latifundio!
Dictator J Anez burnt 10 millon hectares of trees Cattlemen's 4Latifundio!
Arce Burnt 10 millon hectars 4Latifundio!
So how can you believe these rain makers's arsonists?
They burnt billions of live animals& live milenial
trees that were producing rains, filling aquifers and creating rich biodiversity, but these money greedy lying politicians burnt our rain forests for transgenic soy, agrotoxic fossil fuels and for red meat!
We don't need transgenic toxic food nor red meat because along with oil, carbon and gas pandemics they mass kill us and our children and grandchildren with unjust premature deaths!
Evo says water is a human right, but he is violated our human rights burning the rain Forest which produced over 10 mts of rain anually now without our forest trees, the rains are permanently dying and we are being denied water and life
Without trees, permafrost and glaciars there are no rains, no water for irrigation and no purification of oxygen and we are being killed by global famine, human lab made Mrna Covid pandemics...
Bolivia is a microcosm of the world and what happens to water there, happens in the world.
The desertification& drought is becoming permanent and the masses of Climate catastrophe refugees caused by G-7& BRICS's oil, carbon and gas pandemic & their transgenic and red meat pandemics!
But rather than protecting rain forests, permafrost and glaciars, G7 and BRICS keep colluding and increasing 20 fold oil carbon, gas, transgenic& red meat pandemics and talking lies of carbon capture but keep increasing oil, carbon& gas pandemics and giving an aspirine for cure as is carbon tax, to stop deadly cancers and toxic water, rather than sanitized drinking water and irrigation water.
Simply, we reject carbon capture and demand an end here and now to burning forests, subsidies to oil, carbon& gas, agrofuels, red meat. 
We demand abrogation of oil, carbon& gas, toxic transgenic food &red meat and stop contaminating the oceans, seas, lakes, rivers... because we need clean sanitary water to live, because there is no life without trees, without oxygen, without water & without a healthy soil!
Since colludi g and retaliating corporatists and G7& BRICS refuse to stop poisoning water, oxygen and soil, rather than be gased to extinction, as they gased 6 million innocents during WWII, we must peacefully join civil disobedience and follow GretaAndFonda to the refineries& oilpipelines to save humanity from being gased to extinction!

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