We want natural life preserved here and now!

We want natural life preserved here& now!

Yadegar Asisi put together thousands of painted pictures in DeutschewelleTV, to recreate through a 100 mts x 30 mts height picture, the remembrance of the Amazon rainforest!
Seems  a good remembrance act but behind it BlackRock& mining corporations& banks, globally burning the forests for transgenic soy& red meat, oil, carbon,gas& rare minerals for computer corporations, to enrich themselves at the cost of native indigenous human beings, trillions of animals & trees& biodiversity, water& air, cruelly  being holocausted permanent& irreversibly!
And then out of the burnt biomass of countless trillions of LIVE-BURNT fauna& flora, arises GreenHouseGases gasing us to a very premature death& extinction! And then after the loss of the global forests that took billions of years to form the beautiful gorests as we know it, all that its left, is the photograph of the global rain forests, is a deceptive and cruel consolation for fools!
An unescrupulous dece eption, that we humans must reject it at all times, bc we don't want to remember indigenous people& trillions of animals & trees that are thousands of years old and biodiversity and all the natural beauty the forests are and be given again and again this fools' consolation of what is only remembered by colated pictures as in a death holocaust museum!
We rather see Jewish people, indigenous people, flora, fauna alive, happy and thriving than a deceptive ilusion of of what the real forests were!
We condemn BlackRock, soy and red meat corps& banks and mines& meat eaters, who are causing with their colluding& retaliating acomplices: climate catastrophe& extinction of all forms of life, to make them  extinct, meaninglespictures that have no life and feel nothing,
compare to the beauty of global living forests! 
A picture is a deceptive remembrance, bc its always better to feel life, preserve everyone's life, listen a jewish choir singing Havah Naguila; the spiritual and living indigenous in the midsts of living flora& fauna, with a daylight and the immense polyphonic singing of trillions of happy living beings in our living global forests, with the wind giving us a free concert through the billowing of the leaves of so many colorful living beings, trees....babbling brooks and rivers, lakes, seas, oceans...a living home/ planet Earth as we know it, and a living legacy for future generations!
# Peacefully JoinCivilDisobedienceto defend life and nature, against Extinction by oil, carbon, gas, transgenic soy, red meat,etc, for a living world with endless natural living beauty for everyone, so we can have the solar& vegan global economy!

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