For whom the April or Black October bells toll?

For whom the April or Black October bells toll?

Civil contractors EvoluchoArce& EvoSinMorales (Current President& former president) want to deny their responsibility of missmanaging 400 billion oildollars they administered for almost 15 years, the creation of a failed& polarized Joint Armed forces, failing to cuarentine Bolivia since Dec 5th 2020 to the present, ongoing arsoning of the subAndean& Amazon forest's 10 million & buying votes in exchange of burned lands to their accomplices latifundio Cattlemen, soy& toxic agroethanol& agrodiesel, 20% unemployment, growing inflation, half a million covid19 infected people& 50K pandemic victims, caused by their ongoing refusal to cuarentine Bolivia since Dec5 2020, the famine& their upcoming March 7th regional elections defeat.
Arce lying narrative& failed policies are like most in-crisis  countries: Oil&Carbon& Gas PIB growth at whatever human& biodiversity& ecosystem cost; i've got few pandemic victims, don't touch the few military genociders of Sacaba, Senkata, El Pedregal who genocided the people along with Jeanine Anez Cabinet& we got under control the armed forces of Bolivia& everything is fine& we will win regional elections.
Arce& Morales are perpetual neurotics, megalomaniac wishful thinkers and blind believers in lawfare, narcissitic, misogenic& wife beaters who don't like to admit the kidnapping, raping and cold assassinations pf women are growing significantly in Bolivia, but bc most victims are caused by Latifundio masters& their gov officials have refused to fund the cost to stop those deadly crimes against indigenous women bc in their masters's minds its their right to lay indian virgin as their colonial croat-Latifundio- christian grandparents did!
Come reality, as famine grows, drought& desertification of what was once natural green forests of the past, the current growing unemployment, failed magic cure of sarscovid2 pandemic, countles growing high infectious mutated pandemics like the Brazilian pandemic with over 14 mutating viruses, the southafrican pandemic, the english pandemic, the californian pandemic, with triple fold increase infections and lethality that makes sarscovid2 a meaningless virus and given the fact these countless mutating pandemics have not being clinically trialed not has any vaccine being found to defeat these mutated pandemics& there is no cure, Bolivia will colapse at the earliest in April and at the latest by October. These Bolivian colapse by mutated pandemics as and is currently caused by Arce& Morales, who exiled for 15 years gray emminence Dr Felipe Campos and rejected to Totally cuarentine
Bolivia for a year now is too late to avert their genocide by Arce's mutated pandemics, who refused to cuarentine Bolivia as UE& USA and with the colapse of Bolivia's sanitary system& highly polarized military's upper brass having been pushedvto retirement prematurely, it has created secret logias, with the oldest chieves vs the interim military comanders temporarily named by Arce&Morales.
The fact remains Arce is irresponsibly along with cattlemen latifundio squandered its political capital and with old military chieves in forced retirement through their aides will uprise against Arce& Morales.
Former Mayor and former Minister of the presidency, J R Quintana is confirmed our evaluations of the armed forces and said words to the effect, Eduardo Del Castillo no ha hecho nada X ajusticuar a los involucradores de matanzas en Sacaba, Senkata...pueblo manda a sus hijos al servicio militar...deber reformarse el uso de la Fuerza mortal de las el pueblo no esta listo para prevenirlo u enfrentarlo, veremos otra vez el uso de fuerza mortal contra el pueblo!

El modelo estatistico de 969 dias le quedan a Arce q fue creado por nuestro partido indigena  AntiLatifundio ganaderoSoyerominero petrolero Mayoritario de Obreros revolucionariosXBolivia/AMORXBolivia, en base a Genocidio pandemico causado x Arce& Morales, las polarizadas Fuerzas armadas materializaran la Renuncia& Fuga de Arce&Morales posiblemente a fines de Abril& Octubre Negro2021
No vamos a defender al traidoresY cobardes Arce& Morales, y veremos la repeticion de Noviembre 10th 2021.
We environmental climate defenders are not going to defend treacherous Arce& Morales, whose treacherous racist snow white Croat latifundio gov excluded us from cabinet and the other branches of gov and refused funding for growing numbers of  women victims of kidnappings, rape and assassinations!
Domi Mamani M

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