Without 2019 Coup Makers's congressional votes, genocide victims will not ever receive justice!

Without 2019 Coup makers's congressional votes, genocide victims will not ever receive justice!
By Abrahan Cantor

Military and police genocide commanders, J Anez, her cabinet& Mesa, Camacho, Doria Medina will never be tried&sentenced&serve any sentence for Sacaba& Senkata genocides of 36 unarmed peaceful indigenous, 400 bullet wounded protestors and 1600 politically persecuted people by Anez' lawfare policies.
I back the above statements based on the fact the global foreign employer will use its power to protect its civil contractors and the fact that these Co-coup D'etat makers will not aid Anez prosecution, bc it would incriminate them.
Most importantly the Armed forces and the National Police control the monopoly of guns and missuse of deadly force in Bolivia and Carlos Mesa, LF Camacho, S Doria Medina control less than 40% of congressional votes in the Bolivian assambly hence deny the 2/3 congressional votes needed to take away their Heads of State immunity, enough to deny justice to the innocent victims, famined orphans, widows and the people of Bolivia , hence perpetuate military and police genocide of the unarmed and peaceful climate protectors indigenous people of Bolivia!
But avoiding penal consequences for genociding 36 indigenous, 400 bullet wounded victims and 1600 politically persecuted people for disagreeing with Anez' Coup D'etat of Nov 12th 2019 is going to destroy their political parties at the voting booths and nail their coffin of ever becoming president of Bolivia, the south America geopolitical center where indigenous  majority will not forget nor forgive the 2019 Coup nor 36 genocided victims, 400 wounded in Black November 2019

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