You don't know the truth & can't be freed!

You don't know the truth and can't be freed:
AnezCamachoMesaCentellas MarihuanoLatifundio  Coup D'etat makers' story is a maggot swiss cheese 
By Domi Mamani M

On Nov 11th 2019, they coerced Salvatierra-Ribero-TMorales NarcococaleraLatifundists to UCB& blackmailed/extortion Salvatierra, the president of the senate, to resign her right to the presidential succesion in exchange to let cowardly Evo& GarciaLinera flee to Mexico. Once the cowards fled the fight& abandoned us indigenous and they did the same to the speaker of the house Victor Borda blackmailing him to resign as a condition to release his tortured& kidnapped brother and did the same to every MAS indigenous congressmen who were in the line of succession bc cowardly evo& GarciaL were threatened to resign& had fled Boliva on Nov 11th. But this Nov12th meeting they(TutoQ, DoriaMedina, R Paz for Mesa,  Conade's Waldo Albarracin & R VillenaVillegas, Justibiano for Camacho, CEB bishop R Centellas& UE's ambassador Torre de Leon plus the Spanish Ambassador Tapia) wanted to name Jeanine Anez successor to Evo, but Salvatierra-TMorales- SRibero refused& said only the full assambly could decide who has the right to the presidential succession and all Parties agreed to meet before the full Nal Assambly to decide who should be successor. So separate ways they headed to the Assambly building but Salvatierra had to summon all congressmen/ assambly members and took her too long and by the time she finally reached Plaza Murillo, on orders of employer conteactor Erick Foronda, T Quiroga& chieves Kaliman& Calderon, the policemen blocking Plaza Murillo & the access to the assambly building, refused to let Salvatierra inside her own senate building under the story she had resigned her individual senate seat( not the case, bec only resigned succesion to presidency)
As salvattierra summon aide, inside the asambly building, there was no congressuonal chorum nor were they present but a dozen of Anez congressmen but they had received orders to proceed without aproval from congress but swear before her buddies& receive the presidential sash from the military chief loyal to her and we saw on media, Anez self proclaim before her  dozen loyalist congressmen and the military chief placing on her the sash.
Post fact: R centellas the CEB bishop alleged mediator but pushing for Anez, this March 2021 alleges, " MAS& all decision makers dialogued and agreed to posession Anez but MAS didn't show up and it was consensus of that morning nov12th' parties who agreed Anez Succession.
If it was the case: why did they order the occupying armed police physically block Salvatierra& MAS congressmen from enteeing their own mayority assbly building to have a chorum and accept resignations and vote for or against any successor or vote for Anez?
Fact: there was no agreement but to let congress decide any potential successor
or to be voted in or rejected.
Fact: armed police block 2/3 majority MAScongressmen from meeeting inside their own assambly building which police physically blocked!
They can say and have all the dialogue meeting they could humanly meet but according to the Cobstitution none of them had legal power to override the constition& name any one successor but 12 million voters and/or the full assambly or a chorum which belonged to MAS. It was a no-no
Fact: They rushed the swearing before the military& police instead of being defeated in the assambly decision to reject Anez, the apparent coup leader.
Fact: Anez took no assambly sash but from her bribed military police loyalist comanders who are constitutiobally forbidden to deliverate or participate in political matter, least presidential succesions
Fact: the Military& police comanders had implicitely threaten evo& Garcia L, who resigned on nov 10th and on Nov 11th fled on a Mexican jet
Fact: No cabildo has constitutional authority to demand resignations nor aprove successions nor any dialogue group's alleged consent decision for Anez or for anyone, has any authority but the full assambly which was existent& 12 million voters.
Fact: senator Anez self proclaim to ne sucessor before his equally conspiring, seditious& rebel armed terrorists in military, police uniform and their civilian accomplices, including their paramilitary, parapolice
Fact: seditious senator& self proclaimed president Anez knew without congressional consent & without 12 million bolivians, her presidency was cobspurator, seditious& terrorist and she signed Supreme decree4078 granting unconstitutionally immunity& impunity.
Fact: she was a murderer senator dictator who prdered genocide by decree4078 in Sacaba& Senkata & then yried to legalize her dicyatorshio but the opinion of the CPT is not a verduct, a legal auto but a non binding expression whoch doesn't constitute  legalization of seizing power against the constitution, the assambly and 12 million people!
Fact: post-fact the CEB can continue enacting bulas papales& blessings but they have no value before the Constotution, the assambly and the people and they can't change the facts of their conspiracy, sedition& terrorism.
Conclusion, for the above facts, senator Anez will be find guilty on those 3 charges and more& Papal bulero R Centellas can't spare her from her guilt& constitutional crimes and so forth. And be reminded the separation of church and state ban him from babbling as a mentally retarded down syndrome or senile papal bulero but for his non existing kingsom in the beyonder: the maggots-swiss-cheese!

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