And falseness wore the cloack of truth...(PartII)

And falseness wore the cloak of truth and the perpetrators presented themselves as victims of Human Rights Violations(Part II)
   By Domi Mamani
Except  a sixty's massacre at Kent State, the poor man's university is little known among american universities, poorly ranks as #217 & is the alma matter of Jhanisse Daza, a big dreamer, whose classmates remember her as an incorregible liar, who smiles at you but coldly backstabs you. 
In Sucre her home girls remember her as an attention seeker, teachers' pet and an incorregible  narcissist, who feigns empathy but blames women for letting men mistreat them and has a secret hate for men and uses them by means of her cutie looks and by the etine she is done with them, they are shreds of paper. They believe her hatefor men comes from her hate for her  pediatrician father, who she blames for abandoning her and her mother and makes men pay for it.
As she was about to graduate from high school, she was recruted& hired as a civil contractor.
She was sent to Kent State and her civil contractor- employer arranged for her to focus on authoritarian govs. She wrote over and over, through the years on authoritarian govs, which her teachers brushed and brushed again, to make copper shine like gold but she was failing.
Shortly after some of her classmates in international relations said they sighted her a few times coming out from her teacher's homes, the morning after.
We don't judge her but the fact is she graduated and her civil contractor send her back to Bolivia, and she was financed with NED to run a pseudo environmental ONG, named " Standing Rivers/Rios de pie"
Before taking her to take classes in civil disobedience and Human rights at Harvard University, Jhanisse was recruited to work for Another NED foundation, an NGO labelled as Human rights foundation, is a mask for shock-troops to take hostage key gov media broadcasting buildings, to control the narrative away from reality and truth.
NED has mastered the art of advancing and materializig Coup D'etats, no judgment passed, to allegedly bring in Democracy and/ or to save democracy in many countries and has countless pseudo environmental NGOs, and pseudo Human rights NGOS like " Standing Rivers"& Human Rights Foundation. In other words they are wolves under sheeps' clothes,  changing govs to install their civil contractors in their place, to keep extracting valuable natural resourcess to keep Romerica rich and strong at the cost of others.
Jhanisse had no qualms directing "Standing rivers" and "HRF" to desestabilize the Evo Morales gov, relentless directing the frustration and anger of the people, not against the ones who were burning 10 million hectars and stealing the burned lands: Latifundio Croat soy men and Cattle men, etc, but blaming it onto Evo.
A consummated Mata Hari, Jhanisse conned men and preplaned with her employer and right wing Croat nazis, who control civic institutions & paramilitary shock-troops to seize key gov's media buildings, to control the content of narrative along with El Deber, Pagina Siete, Erbol&  political journalists and fellow civil contractors as Raul Penaranda, Arturo Murillo, the head of "Resistencia Juventud KOCHALA" a counter part of another paramilitaries like Union Juvenil Crucenista, and they openly wear christian- nazi crosses, are armed & use motorcycles as a weapon to wound or kill selected political and union leaders, etc.
Jhanisse kept at it through 2019 and took hostage Bolivia TV in Santa Cruz city, Bolivia, whoch is a crime of terrorism in all nations of the globe, but their media cohorts presented the terrorists hostage act, as a hollywood romanticized idealistic heroic action allegedly to save democracy, which was totally false! But amid chaos and countless violent actions elsewhere, against incompetent Morales gov, Jhanisse's terrorists were getting away with it(evidence picture at @ AndStateless)
It will fill countless pages, the romanticized terrorist acts and list their names, etc. Jhaniss was coordinating with others but for brevity, point out in Santa Cruz they are, LF Camacho& among women, Jhanisse V Daza, executing multiple terrorist operations like James Bond and Mata Hari. Suffice to point out, days before for i g Evo to resign, Camacho& his father delivered bribe money to Police comanders such as Calderon and then police refused to repress their terrorists, And then father and son delivered bribe money to key military commanders, among them William  Kaliman, Orellana, etc
The Romerican inteligence agencies easily werep outdoing Evo's incompetent inteligence agencies, and both Camachos comitted crimes of impersonating police officers and dressed as Police officers and carried false police identifications, while being transported in Police vehicles,  travelling past gov security check points and arrived and coordinated with their La Paz city based caudillos and civil contractors, among them Jhanisse. And  successfully they executed their Coup D'etat and implanted their De-facto gov and their cabinet! And when the latter headed by Anez signed the genocide decree #4078, the mercenary civil contractors executed genocides of unarmed indigenous climate defenders, who they viewed as dehumanized animals without soul and genocided over 36, wounded over 600 inSacaba and Senkata... and tortured and exiled over 1600 innocent indigenous people while the Romerican agencies and NGOs under NED  kept successfully selling the false narrative of having saved democracy in Bolivia and hid the coup by lying and not using the word "Coup" and along their external Actors of State power prepared to materialize the false social construct of "Democratic change" and Almagro directed CIDH hearings before the member states and flew croatian civil contractors  Tuto Quiroga, J Aparicio, Jhanisse VD as panelists, who "rescued Democracy from the clutches of Authoritarianism" a Non-existing Authoritarianism
Matter of fact Jhanisse, conned them successfully with words to the effect, " while we were fighting forests arsons and we were being repressed against, where were you?"
What she intentionally ommitted was the incovenient truth: Latifundist Croats caused it and stole the burned lands, and it was the same croat latifundists, who cogoverned with Evo and hen enacted those very policies they were denouncing as victims. 
UIn other words these croatian civil contractors who enabled Evo to attempt becoming lifetine president, They themselves were the perpetrators! But these BTV hostage takers were presenting themselves as the victims and they got away with the hoax-truth by leaving away the factual truth!

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