Are you going to be part of Non-vaccinated herds or vaccinated herds?

Are you going to be part of Non-Vaccinated herds or Vaccinated herds?   
         By Domi Mamani
There are 2 kinds of human herds, Vaccinated& Non-vaccinated.
Vaccinated herds do not trust their own imune Defenses that secrete Antigens and are receiving their third Antigen Booster shot good for 6 months, after which they have to seek a fourth antigen booster shot anx then after 6 months, seek their 4th shot, endlessly every 6 months.
Non-Vaccinated herds trust their natural immune defenses, good genetic legacy of their ancestors who survived deadly pandemic spanish fly in the year 1918. Non vaccinated trust anticovid prevention gear of double masks, frequent hand wash with desinfectant and 3 meters of social distance and refused to become live guibea pigs to politically premature antigennbooster shots, hence conserve  intact their immune defenses that allowed them to remain protected from dying by sars covid2.
NON- vaccinated heards are lead by scientists Sahim-Tureci, Felipe Campos, etc and do not accept 6 months lasting Antigen booster shots, but trust their own immune defenses to defeat not only usual pathogens but sarscovid2& mutated pandemic viruses.
As a matter of fact, I Domitila Mamani and my family have survived due to our antigen immune defenses, Sarscovid2& mutated Brazilian pandemic virus, without needing any vaccines.
Our Antigen immune defenses are intact and we are not dependent on environmental on 6 months periodic needs& endless covid vaccines.
What nobody knows is, will every country produce mutated pandemic viruses that make useless the 6 months antigen booster shots?
The vaccinated herds are worried for India suffering close to half a million pandemic infected victims/daily and already have close to 20 million infected indian citizens. Given the fact india is the global largest vaccine manufacturing center and nowadays are the largest country affected by pandemic infections, and since part of their vaccine professiobals are infected to what extent will it adversely affect and compromise the safety & efficiency of the 6 month booster shots/vaccines?
It is important for these herds to receive all the help they can get from G-20& BRICS countries to help indians control and defeat the almost half a million infections/ per day to have safe vaccine technicians to mae Non-covid contaminated 6 months booster shot vaccines.
Vaccinated herds must keep prevention pandemic suits e en after they get their virus vaccinated travel passports, because vaccinated people have gotten infected and reinfected after vaccition and significant % of moderna and Aztraseneca/ Covaxzevrir have transmitted infe tuon without knowing and many post vaccinated people died by blood clotting after being vaccinated.
Only the and scientific- medical facts shall show if vaccinated herds didn't become victims of one of the never ending 6 monts booster shots and if they are able to survive compared to Non- vaccinated herds lead by vaccine inventors Sahim-Tureci!
And pnly you and your gov, can decide if you become part of the vaccinated herd or NON-Vaccinated herds who conserve intact their natural antigen immune defenses inherited from their surviving grandparents of the spanish flu pandemic!

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