Aren't people alive more precious and valuable, alive than dead?

Aren't people alive more precious and valuable, alive than dead?
    By Domi Mamani

Alexei Navalni began autoEuthanasia in disagreement with Vladden Putin's policies by imposing hunger strike on March 31st 2021, as a means to force Putin to relent power and now close to a month, like all human beings Navalni is not in mental conditions to realize he is become a baketball object in between Biden& Putin and he can no longer make decisions due to his severe critical state!
The former playing with his life has made his last political chess move by warning of severe retaliatory consequences agaibst Russia if Navalny dies.
And Putin, as any statesman has answered not to interfere with his domestic policies
Navalni's personal doctor Anastasia Vasilieva and another cardiologist have verified his worrysome critical condition at the present:  Navalni's severe renal insuficiency is a latent deadly risk that can worsen his neurological condition& severe hiponatremia and cause him death in short time
We don't know how short, is short time but the fact remains Navalni is close to die and requires  immediate hospitalization at a well equipped hospital to estabilize his critical health and save his life!
My suggestion is for Biden and Putin to find a Solomonic solution.
How about after Navalny receives I/V and is estabilized healthwise and when cleared to travel, grant him asylum to Europe along with Snowden, that way Biden and Putin with a stroke of pen can save two lives! 
Hence constructivelly, unease the unnecessary high political tension between West and East!
If the West let's down Navalni and Snowden by not getting them to safety and freedom, both men dead only feeds cold war between East and West. 
That doesn't benefit humanity, because we all need reciprocal  coexistance and stability and peace!
I hear hawks pushing Navalny to die to have him iconized in neverending eulogies for dead people like Nancy Pelosi, who coldly racist and calculating is used to say about victims, "He sacrifice his life for society"
But I tell you with experience of having lost loved ones, "A dead man is no gain to anyone who has human sensitivity and respect for life but its cold war warriors' jumping board to sell cold war for countless trillions of dollars in arms race"
A cold war and arms race we already experienced from post WWII to M Gorbachev's in 1989, that only brought us economic losses in weapons of mass destruction, high percent of those we had to pay to destroy russian ones, because cold war destroyed russia economically and it caused peaceman Gorbachev's career to end! 
It's suicidal to go back to cold war and weapons of mass destruction  competition between west and East. Because Europe is the first nuclear victim within seconds of a nuclear war and certainly nuclear space satelites too and Humanity will become extinct along with our mother Earth and astronauts too will be dead for half a millenium and beyond!
No Joe, No Vladden, No frau Merkel, No Mr Johnson, No Messie Macron, No Mr Modi, no Mr Xi JinPing!
Please do the right thing and save and grant asylum in Europe to Navalni& Snowden and give peace a chance and our children a peaceful future, by easing unnecessary political tensions and abrogate oilCarbonGas pandemic now.

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