Armed militias& Evo Morales for President 2025-2029?

Armed militias& Evo Morales for president 2025-2029?
       By Domi Mamani

Civil Contractor poses under the nome de guerrel Paul Coca& others, including Pagina Siete, Tuto Quiroga& Carlos Mesa's spokesman Raul Penaranda, allege Evo Morales is creating armed militia& is quashing all internal oposicion to become unconstitutionally  reelected  in 2025.
Having followed Dr Felipe Campos' request to research& inform Bolivia about the above, reply to 16 years exiled Dr Campos& the people of Bolivia& Spanish& English speaking America, the following.
In 15 years Evo has been in power with the support of Cattlemen& soya enterpreneurs among other right wing people, he is an advocate of a free market capitalism, is a Latifundio owner as are C Mesa, LF Camacho, Manfred Reyes Villa, Olivera, etc and Morales and his inner circle will never forfeit their private property to socialism.
In 15 years Morales& MAS party have not created a militia, one of the reasons why he was easily flipped over last Black November 2019.
The military and police only allowed extreme right wing Creemos & DMedina& Arturo Murillo to create their death squads: Juventud civica Crucena
& Juventud Kochala/Motoqueros, but will not allow the creation of MAS-Armed militias!
Brazil, Chile, Peru, Paraguay surrendering Bolivia will never permit arms traffic or the OAS, the USA permit it.
Bolivia being the geopolitical center of Spanish and indigenous speaking peoples, won't ever have MAS-armed militias.
MAS party has no intent of creating armed militias, because they realize 1952 land reform gov of Paz-Siles had to disband their militias because of US threats of invasion and currently MAS realizes armed militias have zero chance of becoming armed because internally the military and pilice have annovetwhelming monopoly of force and guns!
And MAS realizes the quick way to ne out of power and distroyed by the USA, OAS multinational armies is to have armed militias.
Having Evo committed political suicide in forcing a fourth term presidential term, arsoning 10 million hectars of forests& exchanging arsoned lands for votes caused his overthrowing from power and his last political campaign defeat that cost the defeat for the governorships of La Paz, Santa Cruz,Chuquisaca, Tarija, Pando, Beni his defeated-dedazo-candidates campaign has earned him a near fall from his party's chairmanship.
Currently CC& Creemos extreme right wing parties have sent a committee to get coup funds and intructions for a coordinated desestabilization campaign and increase of domestic crack troops/Tropas de choque, to overthrow Luis Arce's Government under the desinformation media frenzy of & political persecutions, Human Rights violations& forming armed militias"
All false, because the imprisonment under high medical privileges given to Jeanine Anez& her ministers proves a state of constitutional rights for all bolivians, specially for Jeanine Anez who gets multiple privileges no one else gets and given the fact, Jeanine Anez signed genocide by Decree 4078 and committed small scale genocide of unarned indigenous climate Defenders, in Sacaba, Senkata... left enough evidence for a penal trial for committing the cold murders of over 36 innocent unarmed indigenous, over 600 wounded people and ovet 1600 victims of her Defacto Gov's violations of Human rights and the fact that MAS party is not creating Armed militias& Evo Morales knows he is ineligible and unable to get the OAS or the OAS court to rule for him perpetual presidential candidacy is not a human right, and knowing the USA is never going to accept his candidacy nor any further Evo Morales presidency, and the fact the people of Bolivia is not going to allow him any presidential campaign for Morales and the Bolivian constitution forbids it, its a No-No for Evo!
To conclude point the fact its a No-No militia creatuon and a No-No there is No Evo candidacy!
Also point out, Santos Quispe a new governor elected for La Paz and Andronico Rodriguez are the strongest indigenous future presidential candidates, followed by weaker candidates Eva Copa& M Reyes Villa and weakest extreme right candidates C Mesa& Fernando Camacho!

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