Booster shot recipients or Non-vaccinated people are best fit to survive?

Booster shot recipients or Non-vaccinated people are best fit to survive?
     By Domi Mamani
The vast majority of scientists and physicians agree that current sarscovid2 are not a once a lifetime vaccine that protects you from the deadly pandemic and that you will become a twice a year new boosterAntigen shot addict/recipient!
What most antipandemic experts are arguing is about triggering blood clot antipandemic shots from Aztraseneca& Johnson&Johnson, if the benefit outweights the growing chances to die by blood clotting!
Now the responsibility of killing you by blood cloy shot, is being shifted from the pharmaceutical shots, onto you, to avoid paying your orphans and surviving spouse, No-penny at all for your death by Aztraseneca& Johnson&Johnson shots!
They are asking you to chose your chances to die by Aztraseneca& J&J shots or die by sarsCovid2.
It's a dishonest proposition that pharmaceutical makers are asking you, because their shots only work to give you about 6 months antigen boosting, then come back for a new antigen booster shot, repeatedly. But what they are not telling you, is, their 6 month booster shot only helps you for 6 months against Covid19, but are useless before countless mutated pandemic viruses like Brazilian P1 pandemic virus, the Southafrican one, etc.
If you are expose to the mutating ones, vaccinated or Non-vaccinated alike, you will acquire mutation pandemic viruses and infect others!
So these 6 month antigen booster shots are not protecting you because mutated viruses reinfect you even if you are vaccinated.
You remember we have forewarned you for over a year, there is no vaccine against all pandemic viruses and/or mutated pandemics, and this fact now
has been confirmed by the vast majority of scientists and physicians!
There is no vaccine to protect or cure you for lifetime and there will never be!
Why not?
Because instead of making the regular rigorous clinical trials for 5 years, govs and pharmaceuticals colluded and pushed for  premature, unsafe and inefficient political booster shots. And once humans altered their natural immune defenses, the next altering new booster vaccines keep tampering and distroying further your natural immune defenses and then it reaches the point of No- Return, wherein your altered immuned system breaks and you live in borrowed time till shorthly you die, as opposed to Non- vaccinated People who with social distancing ,etc kept intact their immune system like Drs UgurSahim-Tureci, who by refusing innoculation by their own invented vaccines, kept intact their natural immune Defenses, so they will survive!
If you are still a pro- booster shot, you will do what you will do!
If you belong to Non- vaccinated people like my grandmother Vira, me and our extended families, we don't need booster shots but  continue keeping alive and intact our natural immune Defenses & social distancing that kept humanity alive and my grandma, survived deadly Spanish Flu during 1918 and I and my people survived sarscovid 2 and recently survived brazilian mutating Pandemic P-1! And and expect to survive other mutations, and keep wearing double masks, desinfectant and 3 mts social distance to go on living.
Time and the fact will show humanity if Booster shot recipients or Non-vaccinated people are best fit to survive not only mutated pandemics but a million times worst # OilcarbonGas Pandemics!

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