Civil Disobedience or permanent JoH dictator through NAZablah?

Open letter to
Re: Civil Disobedience or permanent JoH dictator through NAZablah?
Dear sirs& Maam:
The statistical probabilities of any of you running by himself, to become president of Honduras is nill!
Reality shows none of you running by yourself, can't become president!
There is the OAS interference and there is the candidacy of NarcocandidateJoH& there is the same reality of a Narcomilitary actor of State power who executed the Coup D'etat 2009 against constitutional president @Manuelzr
Intervening OAS put in power JoH by means of TutoQuiroga, who refused to audit 100%& with only a 5% audit put JoH into power, fraudulently perpetuate him under the fairy tail of the pacto of San Jose permitting unlimited reelections.
The constituttion of is country forbids permanent reelections and the foreign accord of the Pact of SanJose should sumbite to each country's constitution but necause of intervening Uncle Sam& OAS intervention, violating Each country's constitution uncle san along with Almagro are putting in the made up supremacy clause of Foreign accords as the law of the American Continent, which means uncle sam imperial Monroe Doctrine of domination is supreme.
If you file a complain before Almagro as Bolivia did, the OAS court will not rule because it goes against its own interests& interests of Uncle Sam, who put Almagro& JoH into power. So you can't have immediate and timely relief from OAS, to ban JoH reelection, as it didn't ban Evo Morales from running for president perpetually under the excuse of the Pact of SanJose, alleging it would be a violation of his human rights, even though according to legal grey emminence Dr Felipe Campos, THE CIDH COURT HAS NEVER RULED RUNNING FOREVER IS A HUMAN RIGHT NOR ANY INTERNATIONAL COURT ON EARTH, INCLUDING THE ICJ HAVE NEVER RULED FOR LETTING PERMANENT CANDIDATES RUN FOR ELECTIONS AS A LEGAL RIGHT OR AS A HUMAN RIGHTS OR AS A POLITICAL RIGHT!
Your domestic remedy is to go for undefinite Civil Disobedience till JOH resigns and congress votes to elect an interim gov for the sole purpose to hold elections without JOH, within 3 months!And without a right to extend its interim 3 months presidency, else like Bolivia's Self Proclaimed interim gov J Anez, will re-extend her 3 month term into indefinite presidency with the complicity of Uncle Sam, Almagro& the Narcomilitary&NarcoPolice!
The last option is a self defeating option: for presidencial candidates to bury your head under the sand like ostriches and allow unconstitutional reelection of JoH through NAZablah, whose NarcoMoney and your own individualistic& divided candidacies will only help JoH through NAZablah to win by hook or crook the presidential elections of Honduras and he will cut deals with Uncle Sam& Almagro& his narcomilitary and narcopolice, to perpetuate himself in the Honduran presidency through NAZablah!
Domi Mamani M

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