Common- law marriage relationships in religious conservative couples can become deadly!

Common-law-marriage relationships in religious conservative couples can become deadly!
             By Domi Mamani
Sadly indoctrinated christian conservatives husbands, may flip as Roberto Carlos RJ, who
didn't like his wife to socialize and keep teaching dancing, to young women and men.
And on the excuse of the child's welfare kept coersing her to blindly obey him but after 8 years of abuse by her husband, she said she just purchased some lands and needed her dancing teaching wages to keep paying the mortage.
Her evangelical conservative husband became hysteric and enraged& sentenced, " christian wives must be blindly submissive to their husbands and the pastor and I, are disappointed you are becoming a femmenazi and I warm you, I am your Lord and I'll kill you if you don't obey me submissively from now on"
Not to antagonism her conservative husband, Edith YHM to spare their 6 year old son, she remained silent, turned and went to do her earrings.
When she shared her fears with her friends, they advised her to leave their relationships, after pointing out the fact, they were incompatible and besides being a religious conservative evangelical, her husband was a Machist/physical and psychologically abusive husband.
But Edith was a dependent wife and an unreasonably religious believer in her husband, she said would change him by not arguing with her husband.
Their relationship became violent and still Edith didn't report him to law enforcement for his crimes, " I can't deny my son, her father" erroneously said and stayed in their severely dysfunctional marriage, "God is going to make him a good husband" erroneously delusional, the eternal hopeful young wife said and continued inher marriage relationship.
But her ticking bomb christian evangelical husband kept escalating his dead threats&violence against what he and his pastor perceived, a rebelious wife, " Femmenazi" as defined by christian media personality Rush Limbaugh.
One sunday enraged he ambush her at home, and screaming angry, threatened to kill her, "Femenazi, I will kill you" and at seeing him threatening her with a hammer, she plead for her life and for their child, but her psychotic christian husband, escalated it and discharged the hammer blow against his indefense and innocent wife, who plead to him to spare her life. But blindly enraged, Roberto kept hitting her, then despite her painful, freightened and desperate cries for compasion,he kept stabbing her with a kitchen knife.soon she fell in a pool of gushing blood and lost consciousness....psychotic enraged, he kept stabbing his helpless wife, then still brewing with rage while foaming saliva by the sides of his mouth, he wrapped his victim's limp body in blankets and left her seated at home.
Took a notebook and left an enraged christian note, "Femenazis ruined it all...not to be disturbed, wives must learn to obey men"
Then he cowardly escaped, after writing, "Don't tell my son, I killed his mother" and like pseudo Saint Atanasius, blamed his helpless battered and murdered christian wife, for her death, "Had she obeyed, she be tranquil"
It is sad to see christian killing l another christian, but christianity has been mass-killing for 3 milleniums, among them arw christian nazis, who unjustly incinerated 6 million innocents during WWII and justifying it, they allege, they did it for God's glory.
It's totally wrong and unjustifiable to kill your neighbor and a mother of a child.
Who is going to care for the poor orphan?
"Femmenazi", is a racial hatred social construct, demonizing as evil, innocent women who assert ther human rights and equality rights! But christian
conservatives use it against their victims like infamous drug addict Rush Limbaugh used it, and before him, the nazi christians comitted it.
If you have ears listen, if you have eyes, see, if you have a brain, use it to liberate yourself from the god of racial hatred and hate against women& genocide!
Biblical writers are  politicians who spouse RACIAL& GENDER crimes but you a spouse, must liberated yourself from religious bondage, from an unjust marriage bondage/slavery contract and from an abusive and deadly spouse, who is machist and a ticking bomb and for your own good and that of your children, leave alive than stay to be coldly murdered by your christian conservative spouse.
Be a survivor by fleeing and rebuilt your life somewhere else.
Marriage is not for everyone and christian marriage is bondage, written by flawedracist and femmephobic christian writers as Paul, etc, erecting men as god-masters over submissive bo daged wives.
Anyone who attacks you racially by labe- lling you, " Femmenazi" hates you and may kill you!

Be free and alive, because true love gives, it edifies in peace, doesn't tie you into bondage with unjust contracts, it honors the loved one and is reciprocal equality in everyway and most importantly never kills!
If you see Carlos Roberto Rowue Jihuacuti in Bolivia or a neighboring country, call law enforcement, so he can be accountable for his crimes!

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