Countless booster shots get you to loose your guard against Pandemic viruses?

Countless booster shots get you to lose your guard against Pandemic viruses?
              By Domi Mamani
Why Endanger Humanity into a false sense of pandemic protection, when in fact post vaccinated people have acquired mutated infections and reinfections as Non- vaccinated people and people vaccinated by Astraseneca& Johnson& Johnson's moderna blot clot died!
There is no vaccine to protect you lifetime& sadly there will never be a safe vaccine against all viruses, because  of # Countless Mutations& because G-7& BRICS& pharmaceutical vaccine makers created scarcity to jack up vaccine prices, making them unaffordable to most humans.
Stop rushing to sell politically rushed multiple antigen booster shots and pull all your resources together and fully reasearch for several years until you find a safe and efficient once a lifetime vaccine shot that can protect humanity against Pandemics,  instead of selling multiple booster shots that offer a 6 month aid then have you addicted for more booster shots as pacmen and still you are not protected lifetime against countlesz pandemic viruses!
That is unethical, irresponsible&unnaceptable to multiple times endanger you and your children to countless booster shots to enrich themselves, that may end up destroying your natural immune defenses and booster shot kill you.

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