David vs Goliath...!

David vs Goliath in the matter against genociders of Indigenous-American-Bolivians!
Granted crown Spanish coloniasts used the armed forces to genocide  not only indigenousAmeri an Bolivians but all other american indigenous under their imposed dynastic crown. Since the Monroe Doctrine the USA white elite in gov has acted as if they owned from tip to tip the American gov. And for that purpose the USA elite in gov has used the armed forces to carry out genocide after genocide of indigenous-American- Bolivians with immunity and impunity by military coup makers, like R Barrientos, H Banzer, L Garcia-Arce Gomez, Goni Sanchez de Lozada's military and Jeanine Anez Ch.
The USA elite in gov in both parties as Goliath has insured its civil contractors receive immunity & impunity and this has extended more strongly for their civil contractors in US Soil are not extradited. Case in point Goni Sanchez de Lozada& his defense minister sanchez  Berzain will never be extradited from the USA to Bolivia to face for the small scale racial genocide of Indigenous-American-Bolivians during Black October and Black February. Even the civil suit by the victims against Sanchez de Lozada hss been an uphill battle, because former lawyers for Obama and Bill clinton representing them have so much pull and had the US District court dismiss the civil verdict against them.
But they lost an appeal and they are back at a new US District court trial now.
In the matter of Goliath defending their coup makers of Black November 2019, behind temporary bars waiting penal trial for conspiracy, sedition& terrorism and separate multiple trials for other crimes, Goliath has moved its huge media machinery and its key political chess players like Human Rights watch's JM Vivanco, and their controlled
OAS' CIDH to fabricate their SOB/Dictator Anez as the poor white victim being abused by salvage indian-American-Bolivians.
Everybody south of the USA border to Tierra del Fuego(Argentina) asks how come Goliath didn't exposed and condemned Dictator Anez Genocidal Decree 4078, ordered her military-police-paramilitary armed genociders to genocide mercilessly over 36 indigenous, wounded over 500, tortured and incarcerated with terrorist charges over 1600 indigenous American-Bolivians by  lawfare and through its controlled judiciary rottened over 8 months of prison without any medical care.
The bolivian laws allow terrorism trials and gien the fact Anez was not elected nor voted in interim president, hence she violated the CPE, the people& congress by seditiously sorrounding and autoproclaiming herself President, she committed sedition and if Bolivia wasn't economically insolvent and not the geopolitical center and lithium and gold rich, Goliath's civil contractor could be sentence abd serve 30 years jail for multiple crimes she along her military-police- paramilitary committed during her 1 year as Defacto President-civil contractor.
The relentless Economic-high wall of siege against  indigenous-American Bolivians, attempting to trial, sentence and have Anez and military et all, is going to it make unfeasible and if the indigenous yield, Anez& military-police- paramilitary will continue to execute coups, carry out genocides and human rights crimes, empowered by their employer Goliath, to carry Lithium and gold as spoils of economic warfare against a small David that has no sling to defend itself sgainst Goliath or its lynch mob ster OAS, which has a history of armed invasions, occupations of countries in America, which Monroist Goliath considers its Continent!
Unless David is willing to breakaway from the clutches of economic hostage taker Goliath, by trading exclusively with Asia and willing to become another vietnam, which is iffy and all costs high as i dependence seeking Venezuela ilustrates, Goliath and the EU are sieging Venezuela until it cries uncle i surrender unconditionally and you may carry out all our immense oil, for you to enrich and with your oileconomy cause the extinction of 8 billion excessive gardener & in the empty world, replace labor with digitalized robots.

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