Defending our Climate generation after generation: Bertha&Lauri Zuniga Caceres

Defending our Climate generation after generation: Bertha&Lauri Zuniga Caceres!
     By Domi Mamani M/04/13/21
Bertha Caceres was not speaking and posing for media to Defend our climate& mother Earth. Bertha was leading mass civil Disobedience in Honduran streets& forests, to protect not only biodiversity and forests but human health& human life, because we all depend globally on forests, biodiversity, flora, fauna, glaciars& permafrost& oceans! And there is no food, no oxygen to breath, no water& no life without them, because we can't eat paper money nor drink gold, oil, carbon& gas nor breath methane, carbon dioxide, nitric oxide nor fracking water or mining-water-poisoned with arsenic, lead, chromiun, cadmiun...
Uselessly we can talk till BlackRock and its oil corporations keep increasing more than their 9 trillion dollars and silenty resign to be gased to death in coffin-cars rather than extermination trains as in WWII, these same oil corporations along with Adolf caused the gasing of 6 million innocents. But if we all join civil disobedience, we can save humanity from being oil gased to extinction!
We american indigenous have been defending our mother earth for generations, its never ending battles which cost us our siblings being assassinated cowardly, financed by BlackRock,  forest arsonists& cattlemen&wood mill owners and the military higher brass, whose economic interests murdered Bertha Caceres, to expand their poisonous transgenic soy& red meat, oil&mining.
We don't need oil, mining, cattle... because vegan& solar economy can save us!
It's been 5 years since our climate Defender& american-Honduran Lenca sister was cowardly assassinated before the very eyes of her children Bertha Jr& Lauri...
You can't kill ideas and Bertha germinated countless seeds globally, besides Bertha Jr and Lauri Zuniga Caceres.
Overcoming their pain, bravely these seeds keep growing: BerthaJr& Lauri have continued the quest to Defend our Climate& Earth, besides voicing for #JusticeforBerthaCaceres.
Typical of American legal system,the Honduran Corrupt court excluded Bertha&Lauri unjustly, from attending court proceeding against not only the material murderers but its intelectual authors:  CONCASA, DESA enterpreneurs, Daniel Atala M& R. David Castillo, the military brass... who cold murdered their brave mother before the very eyes of her children, to impose State Terror as a model of goverment to silence everyone!
The Honduran State practically failed for at least a year, to protect their mother from ongoing multiple assassination threats. Most of Hernandez Gov and State institutions, including the judiciary are colluding and stonewalling the investigation&penal trial for Bertha's cold blooded assassination!
We must continue not only to support Bertha&Lauri to get justice for the malicious murder of their loving mother Bertha but join our indigenous climate defenders globally, donating resources& joining peaceful civil disobedience.
Never violence, but only through action we can survive, so join Civil Disobedience, the only thing that works!

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