Dereck Chauvin found guilty...and/or washingout decades of police force executions?

Dereck Chauvin found guilt...and/or washingout decades of police force executions?
        By Domi Mamani

No one has a use for cold executuoner Dereck Chauvin who cold tortured-executed his handcuff victim with a knee-choke hold. But Everyone must intercontextualize the whole picture of decades of racist police, systematically killing unarmed& innocent people of color. Police force is trying our sight away and our memorybto forget and not to look into these old racist pattern of their acting as Jury, Judge, prosecutor and executioner into Derick Chauvin.
One after another Minnesota police Department's commanders, including the watch commander who aided and abetted Shovin crew of killers for over 8 minutes& refused to order G Floy'ds slow cold torture-choke hold assassination. These commanders during their witness stand gave their affidavits against Shovin, intending to washout Minnesota police's old pattern of racist and cold assassinations of innocent-cuffed- victims, to come out smelling like saints while saying, " it's not the police force, its an isolated rotten apple"
No, Chauvin is not an isolated rotten apple, but the tip of the iceberg of a police force with a consistent pattern of decades of cold& calculated executions of innocent handcuffed victims, who for complying with their orders, were rewarded by being coldly assassinated, instead of protecting and preserving their lives, because law enforcement and punishment for any perceived infraction is a matter and duty of civil Jurors, judges, prosecutors, etc!
Sadly these cold and calculated police executions are countless and quite common in our country with immunity and impunity and after Shoving police crew cols tortured-murdered innocent cuffed George Floyd& during his trial and after his trial, callous &unrepentant police officers committed murders of unarmed innocent people of color, to send their message, "You can trial Chauvin but its not going to deter us from continuing to silence people...". Among those unarmed innocent executed victims by these killer police is Donald Toledo, a hispanic child of color, who with empty  hands on the air, screamed for his life, "I am not armed" But before witnesses, his false accusing policeman-executioner, coldly assassinated 13 year old child of color Donald Toledo!
This racist iceberg of cold police executioners who presently have a careeer funding policeman at the White House, put a fallen policeman in the Congressional Rotunda, while denying his police victims, same rights at congress, will keep silencing people exercising their first amendment right to assambly& from peacefully exercising their free speech, which in practice we are loosing it, because the temporary tenant policeman of the white house, doesn't want to defund them of billions of dollars and he has converted our peaceful streets into combat zones by having handed policemen war armoured carriers, assault rifles, tear gas& allowing them through the second amendment, execute people of color and choke hold them to death!
What happened to innocent handcuffed George Floyd, to child Donald an everyday deadly danger hanging over people of color like me!
My friend and colleague, retired faculty member Felipe Campos miraculously survived police choke hold in his youth and later in his retired years, police almost executed him while he kept screaming, "You are lying I am not attacking you, I am inside my fenced residence" and his screams attracted his neighbors and aborted the police from executing him!
Campos among countless petitioners for years has been asking cities and the Federal government not to overfund police and create a new law to abrogate qualified immunity and perpetual impunity.
But these corporatists running a state within a State  are dead and blind to peoples need to abrogate qualified immunity because congressmen collude with police& they keep evading to defund Police by their perpetual useless
 excuse of police reform. Police reform which has consistently failed since the seventies decade, when the present tenant of the white house, began his ascending police career to overfund the police!
What our country and all countries need, is the abrogation of police force and to shift military and police funds into social programs, universal health care in times of covid pandemic, free college education, etc.
In the upcoming weeks& months you will see these finding of guilty Chauvin, won't be applied to all his crew of co- executioners & it will not erradicate the police State& has not erradicated the decades old pattern of police usurping justice as a Defacto jury, judge, prosecutor and executioner!
The road to stop cold executions by police is uphill and it will continues to exact from each citizen sweat, tears& blood!
I call on you, to peacefully continue the uphill battles to stop Defacto cold& premeditated executions of people of color by police, till the day we see policeman working as civilians and leaving the safety and security of our lives in the hands of a Depoliced professional psychiatrists, sociologists, social workers, child protective services, etc, that can turn the lives of people in need of assistance into work programs, employment, education, etc.

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