EU protects genocider J Anez...

EU parlament protects Genocider J Anez from prosecution for crimes she committed as a senator! (Part III)

Jhanisse Daza AKA Jhanisse Vaca Daza, a graduate of lower acreditted tier/#217 Kent state university, alleges she is an outstanding Human rights defender& environmetalist. But as the compelling evidence has provened,  her true activities along with her employer, Human Rights Foundation, including "Standing Rivers"/SR, they are fronts for the National Edowment for Democracy/NED globally involved in crusading for alleged romantic ends but trully overthrowing Non-Submissive Govs globally. And imposing Pseudo-democratic govs like Egyptian authoritrarian El Sissy govp installed through operation Arab Spring, Dictator Jeanine Anez through operation,
"Saving Democracy"& parties colluding with the EU, fabricated the senator to presidentially succeed Evo Morales, allegedly to avoid a vacuum of power and stop chaos and pacify Bolivia. But they hide from you, the EU representatives were the very actors that condoned terrorist- kidnappings, torture and dead threats to cause resignations of Bolivian congressmen who had priority over Anez to suceed Evo Morales.

His resignation didn't fully created a vacuum of power because the Judicial gov and congressional gov and Electoral TSE branch of gov were intact and constitutiobally congress at a snap of fingers coukd appoint a successor to Morales, but the EU rewarded extreme right wing massive violence in Bolivia & then the latter presented themselves as the pseudo-pacifiers, but the evidence points Anez was climbing to power  through genocide Decree 4078& genociding peaceful and unarmed indigenous climate defenders, as proven in Part II.
Enviromentally colluding with Judas Croat Latifundists OMG& cattlemen they burned under Evo, 10 million forest hectars but turning around presented themselves before the cameras, as heroe- envirometalists saving the forests and once Anez stumped o er the institutio of Congress, she self proclaimed president, thenk genocided at Sacaba and Senkata silencing the people of Bolivia through terror and killing any peaceful organized dissenting opposition.
Then to keep favoring her Croat Latifundists, Anez burned another 10 million forest's hectars and Jhanisse who denounced Morales as arson president, covered up her cohort Anez who sent Jhannisse to the CIDH to allege Evo's violations& Anez sainthood & alleged defender of human rights.
But many organizations of human rights con

concluded Anez was the 2019-2020 *authoritarin genocider president. In fact anez then was pressured to stop ordering executions of people and had her abrogate her genocide Decree, which cost Mallku Felipe Campos exile by Anez!
But Jhanisse kept batting like a zealot without remorse for her victims, including billions of animals& trees burned alive without mercy or compassion, and worst these foundation employers of civil contractor Jhanisse VD, were involved hiding the systematic scheme of selling burned forest lands from the State of Bolivia, first to their latifundists members like Branco Marinkovic, Camacho, etc, lands which included natural lakes, they 20 fold resold to other global croats, overfunded by OilCarbon Gas globalist BlackRock, who handles over 9 trillion dollars & is a secretive global gov, under the cloak of a Public utility global manager.
In sum the mentioned above have created forests fires globally to impose their monopolist transgenic seeds and red meat, besides expanding mining and oil& fracking gas, etc.
But Alexis Bessard, myself and other people like Mallku Felipe Campos have kept battling to preserve the little we can for the future of children& grand children and we do it without fanfarre. Suffice to cite Alex Bessard, who has cleaned with his volunteers intoxicated lakes, rivers etc, while mercenary civil contractors like Jhanisse missuse environmentalism and human rights for imperial political ends that benefit not the people nor democracy but themselves, all in the ame of human rights, but facts show, they are the perpetrators of human rights violations and burnig forests and singling out& assasinating political targets in the name of a pseudo democracy and pseudo human rights because they in collusion with the United Nations, The UN high comissioner on refugees, etc, they exclude most victims like exiled Dr Felipe Campos who having a clean record and being a BolivianAmerican, they denied to move a finger to compell the Different Bolivian govs, to issue him a passport renewal, etc.
These colluders include the EU, whi alog the global imperial employer of mercenary civil contractors put in power Anez and recognized her dictatorial geocider gov, with the global media, including lynch mobster OAS and its SIP, made cooperbshibe like gold, that is presented dictator Anez as a defeder of Democracy and nowadays, that scores of Anez' victims and orphas ad widows crying out justice for Sacaba, Senkata... victims, the OAS and EU demand releasing unconditionally Anez& her cabinet members, meaning Anez' genocide victims have no rights for being indigenous. But these notzee colluding racists despite continuing to irrestricted visits to the genociders and Anez enjoying high privileges no one else has, incited by spaniard notzee fascist VOX, demands through the EU parlament, the unconditional release of Anez' cabinet members from prison and demand immunity and impunity besides demanding to break the Bolivian Judicial branch and Bolivian laws.
What would germans, brits, Italians& frenchmen would feel, if president Arce were to demand notzee criminal genociders who left overwhelming evidence of crimes against humanity be released and these govs should break and change their judicial branches justbto please Arce?
All europeans would scream "stop interfering in our internal affairs or we will withdraw from the treatise of human rights, which with your interference you are violating!
And the matter would end there but EU as co-colonialist promoting over throw of govs and genocide of civilians in the middle east with european arms and troops, now threaten economic censures/embargo against the Arce Gov for following the rule of law and a transparent and fair system of law by the Bolivian judiciary, are trying to trial these genociders and its not Arce trialing them. The judicary authorities were ekected democratically.
Should the EU, Romerica, and OAS embargo Bolivia unfairly.
Vox is leading the european parlament to fabricate a second Venezuela and you will see soon, they may try to fabricate a second false gov, a second Juan Guaido for Bolivia
I have written extensivelly against the genocide of 6 milion europeans victims, but the EU parlament is allowing to repeate genocide by protecting Anez unjustly, instead of aiding the trial of genocider Anez & her Cabinet. 
It is to you, the good european citizen i write to, for you to oppose your EU parlament arbitrarily 
attempting to protect genocider Anez cabinet.
Anez is not a victim and publicly is being represented by her private lawyer, she is being tried for crimes as a senator and has to account for ordering the genocide of over 36 people, over 600 wounded indigenous climate defenders and over 1600 tortured and politically persecuted and exiled victims.

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